Thanks ladies

  1. I don't post much (usually only when I buy a bag), but I haunt these threads learning from your experiences, reading your opinions and then I select a bag based on the info you so graciously share. Just received my 2nd B-bag today (anthracite flat messenger -- pics posted in "Join the Anthraclub) and while I'm wracked with guilt (ok, maybe not "wracked" but highly influenced by it:smile:) because I don't contribute much, wanted you all to know how helpful you've been assisting me in the divestiture of my funds;)
  2. AWWWW! That's what all of us are here help eachother! CONGRATS on your 2nd Bbag!!!!!:yahoo: :wlae:
  3. I love that - divestiture of my funds - LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  4. :yahoo:Congrats, your Anthracite messenger looks great!!
    So that's 2 Bbags now....what's next?:p
  5. I saw ur new bag posted on the ANTHRACITE's lovely and congrats for ur new find...hehehehe
  6. Congrats on your lovely Anthracite! :flowers: Everybody on here is extremely helpful. Before I signed up for TPF in Februrary, I only had two bags; check out my signature now! :lol:

    I have actually found it prudent to spend a little less time on here, to help curb the divestiture of my funds. ;)

    Congratulations again on your lovely new bag!!