Thanks Kimmie!!!!!!! ***** I went to TJ Maxx!!!

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Should I keep the Ergo Sig Belted Magazine Tote...

  1. Yes!

  2. No, return it!

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  1. Thanks to Kimmie (for the thread last night about TJ Maxx) I went today and look what I found: (I'm very excited)


    Legacy Envelope wallet $258.00 and I paid $99.00!

    Ergo Sig Belted magazine Tote $398.00 and I paid $179.99


    Is amzing because I was looking for a wallet and I found this one! I'm not sure about the bag, what do you girls think? I bought it but maybe it I will returned, it was the last one.
    They had like 4 Hamptons carryall $169.00 (the one with the pink stripe and white leather), 1 Bleecker Sig Chocolate $159.00 (actually somebody bought it), 2 small brown leather hobos $69.00, a lot of pouches, 4 legacy envelope wallet $99.00(2 black, 1 white and 1 tan-camel), 3 Legacy french purses $79.00 (1 white, 2 black), some Ergo Sig mini wallet (camel, denim) $64.00 and 1 zip around wallet in optic signature for $89.00 (or $79.00 I don't remember)...
  2. OMG hun!! Those are fantastic! There is no doubt in my mind, those are total keepers!!!:tup::yahoo:
  3. You got a great deal! :shocked: I personally don't like the belted ergos because I found the belt adds some weight to it. BUT - for the price you can't go wrong if you are going to use it.
  4. Wow..........
  5. Ok, now I am officially very jealous. I think you should keep both of them. They go so well together.
  6. TOTALLY KEEP THEM!!!! :drool: :tup:
  7. Wha?? You found that at Tj maxx? im so jealous!! congrats!!!
  8. the bag and wallet are great! KEEP KEEP KEEP
  9. Keepers, and I am especially jealous of that wallet!

  10. Great finds! All my TJ's had today was 3 of the lavender carryalls and one diaer bag, but no ergo or Legacy:crybaby:
  11. OMG!!! You have to keep those!!! You got an amazing deal and they look wonderful together!!! Congrats
  12. WOW I can't believe all the great deals everyone is finding at TJ's! I was there last weekend before the handbag event and my mother got a black soho leather bag for $99! I really love your wallet though!
  13. DEFINITELY keep it - you got AMAZING deals! I'm so jealous, congrats!
  14. I would definitely keep the bag! You did good!
  15. Great finds, congrats. I did stop by today but they only had three soho flaps.