Thanks Giving Dinner..... What's The Plan ?

  1. Who's cooking ? what's on the menu ? Do you cook every year ? How many guests are you cooking for ?

    or are you going to make lots of visits to family & friends carrying your Tupperware ?

    I cook every year ( Christmas is my favourite celebration dinner, i grew up not celebrating Thanksgiving in England)

    This year we have nine guests. My menu doesn't varie that much maybe with the choice of vegetables and deserts, but its pretty traditional.
    Ugh !!! i hate pecan pie :yucky: So I will bake an apple pie or peach cobbler too !

    Plus we serve dinner @ a local soup kitchen around lunch time every year.
  2. I'll be cooking for Mr Max, Lil Max and his buddy. It's usually very informal. I love "my" Thanksgiving and tend to make a lot so we eat leftovers the entire weekend. My menu is the same each year.....

    Roasted turkey- slow roasted in the oven with lots of butter, fresh sage, and a little citrus. I use celery and onions in place of a roasting rack. This gives my gravy drippings an extra punch of flavor.

    Stuffing- I use lots of butter (the real stuff), celery, onions, apple (yes, apple), and white wine.

    Mashed Potatoes - I use chicken boullian (sp???) when boiling my potatoes for extra flavor.

    Gravy - simple gravy using turkey drippings, chicken stock, and gasp...flour.

    Homemade whole berry cranberry sauce made with fresh cranberries, orange juice, water, and a little sugar.

    Something with Yams or sweet potatoes. I usually rotate several different recipes each year. This year I'm in the mood for whipped sweet potatoes with lots of nutmeg and cinnamon drowning in melted butter.

    Green Veggie (this too changes each year). This year I'll probably do fresh green beans with carmelized onions and bacon. I have been craving bacon lately.

    Some sort of dinner roll (I cheat with these and usually bake some frozen premade rolls)

    Pumpkin Pie with real whip cream. Some years I make these from scratch, other years I pick up a pie from a local pieshop. This depends on my workload the work before the Holiday.

    My all time favorite thing to do with leftovers is what I call Thanksgiving Slop. LMAO I take stuffing, shredded turkey, and a bit of gravy. I sautee them all together in some butter and serve in a bowl. I live on this stuff for days after Thanksgiving.
  3. MaxHavoc can I please come over for dinner, your meal sounds sooo goood:upsidedown:
    It's making me hungry. I cook the traditional stuff also.

    Roasted turkey or big chicken, depends.

    A glazed Ham with pinnapple of course

    Baked Macaroni and cheese, and yes I grate all the cheese myself

    Stuffing, please don't hate me but I LOVE StoveTop:shame:

    A big pot of collard greens with a big piece of smoked neckbones to give it flavor. You could throw in bacon too

    Mash potatoes from scratch, with lots of butter and my special seasonings, instead of just plain salt and pepper, oh they taste soo good. I also use buillion in the water.

    Cranberry sauce, soory I love the jellied ocean spray.

    Dinner rolls, brown and serve

    Baked yams (sweet potatoes) my mom makes these the natural way, candied with marshmellows and maple syrup with rasins and pecans thrown in. oh man they are sooo good. Serious sweet tooth quencher

    I buy several pies, from the bakery, they are freshly made, sweet potato and pumpkin which I love.

    And I also make an apple cobbler

    My moms comes over and we make the meal together, we usually start the night before. It's our favorite time of the year.

    My moms comes, and my husbands parents, our kids, usually no more than 8 people max. Our family is small. We always have lots of leftovers too.
  4. My mom and I alternate holiday meal hosting duties. It's my turn this year. I am cooking for six people. I am making the usual stuff: roasted turkey with homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, hot vegetable, pumpkin pie, etc. I also like to make snack trays of fresh fruit and veggies with dips.
  5. Bag Freak your dinner sounds delish too!!! Hmmmm why don't you come over to my house for Thanksgiving and I'll visit you for the Holidays next month. LOL

    I LOVE sweet potato pie. There's a restaurant here that makes the BEST. I absolutely love the place but I consume about a million calories every time I go there. Southern cooking is my big weakness....fried chicken, fried catfish, greens, yams, cornbread......OMG I could live on the stuff if it was just a bit more diet friendly. LOL

    I am still searching for "the perfect" mac and cheese recipe. Would you share yours please???
  6. We always do T-day at my parents home. Mom cooks up a feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, smashed (yep, not mashed) potatoes, peas, yams and so on. I bring homemade pecan pies, using a receipe that has been in my family for ---no joke---102 years. It is easier to get the NORAD launch code than get the receipe for these pies.
  7. This will be my second Thanksgiving I won't be having at home.

    The first time was when I was studying in London the fall semester of my junior year of college.

    I'm living in Toronto, and Canadian Thanksgiving was in October. On American Thanksgiving my parents will send me enough money to get a decent dinner. If I'm not working, I might just see a movie and then order dim sum (and I could just buy a pie).

    So no, there's no cooking but I'll put together something nice.

    Have some homemade stuffing for me, ladies!
  8. But I spent my Canadian Thanksgiving at my aunt's house anh she made turkey, whipped mashed potatoes, stuffing, cauliflower in a cheese sauce, I want to say string beans, and homemade chocolate birthday cake.

    (My cousin's birthday was at the beginning of October.)
  9. My mom cooks for all of us...she's the best! I have 2 sisters, a brother-in-law and 2 nieces. Oh, and of course my DH! She cooks up the traditional Thanksgiving meal; however, no turkey for me...I'm a vegetarian! For me: lots of veggies, fruit salad and cherry pie!
  10. I'm cooking for my family of four, plus my parents will be in from out of town. I fix the same thing every year: turkey breast, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
  11. I'm cooking for my DH and I (and our dog Bailey).
    We're having Roast Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes with tons of butter and brown sugar, green beans, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, apple pie a la mode and pumpkin cheesecake. MMMMM can't wait! :drool:
  12. I miss those traditional thanksgiving dinners. For the past couple of years my family has made it a tradition to go to Vegas around this time. Last year we had Chinese :yucky: but I'm just grateful that I am able to spend the holiday with all of them :P. Hopefully we don't have Chinese again and we can find somewhere that is serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal:yes:.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving :idea:...and eat lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pie for me!
  13. Filipinos don't normally celebrate Thanksgiving so when we do, we end up including Filipino food as well.
    Roasted turkey
    Green beans
    Lumpia (Filipino spring roll)
    Pancit (Filipino noodles)
    Chicken adobo
    Leche flan
    Casava cake
    And of course rice!:smile:

    There's gonna be about 25 people so it'll be busy. The girls are also planning to go shopping at midnight. One of the outlet malls here will be opened by then so we're gonna pack in the car and shop til we drop.
  14. I got a 20 lb turkey as a gift (great gift for a person who can only boil water). I have no idea the first thing to do with it.
  15. I am having 11 people over. I have been cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners since my mom passed in 1992. So will have my inlaws, dad and sis and bro in law, and my kids, and her children.
    People stop by later though so I always make extra of everything.
    this year my menu includes:

    Artichoke & cheese quiche
    assorted appetizers (curry puffs, deviled eggs, spinach dip,stuffed celery and crackers,veggie tray)
    stuffed mushrooms
    Maple glazed turkey & gravy
    sausage,apple and craisin stuffing
    mashed potatoes with Boursin cheese (YUM! a garlicky cream cheese)
    candied yams with the marshmellows on top -my kiddies would kick me to the curb if I diddnt make these.
    green beans with mushrooms.
    dinner rolls
    cranberry sauce.. love trader joes!
    cherry cheesecake
    pumpkin pie with whipped cream

    now my sis is bringing some stuff too, including brussel sprouts.....never had that before at Thanksgiving.. matter of fact, we are not much into brussel sprouts.
    Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!