Thanks girls for your advice regarding walllets

  1. Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for your advice regarding wallets. I received one for Christmas from my mom. I wasn't expecting one however she got the exact one I wanted.

    Thanks again everyone!

    IMG_0013 1.JPG IMG_0016 1.JPG
  2. Beautiful! You have a darling mother, treasure her for ever!
  3. Love it! Congratulations!! It's beautiful!
  4. Beautiful! Blue Jean in Epsom is a lovely shade of blue; the compact Bearn is a great wallet!
  5. Gorgeous wallet! You'll use if for a lifetime.......and what a wonderful MOM!!!!! I've been missing mine this holiday season Bagg says, treasure her!
  6. Congrats!!! You are a very lucky DD to have such a DM!!!
  7. Delicious! Congratulations!
  8. Me too. :crybaby:

    But your new wallet is lovely. Enjoy it!!!
  9. your wallet is gorgoeus! :drool:
    moms have that sixth sense! :amazed:
    (my mama had it!) :heart:

    mom's the real treasure here. :flowers:

    me too.
    i miss her on holidays and birthdays and every day in between.:crybaby:
  10. Mree, I like it! What a wonderful gift!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats....enjoy your H loving mom too!
  12. Me too.:crybaby:

    Enjoy your beautiful wallet and having your mother in yur life. Happy new year!:heart:
  13. Congratulations!What a great Xmas gift!
  14. Very nice!! Congrats!!
  15. Congrats on the beautiful wallet. Use it well and enjoy!!!!!