Thanks for your input! I decided to keep...

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  1. The Baby Cabas! :ty:If some of you recall I had a recent thread needing help which size Cabas to keep...the Baby Cabas or the new larger one. Well, my poll results were 41 to 20 in favor of the Baby, & after trying them both on again the Large was just too big & I decided the Baby was way cuter IMO :cutesy: Thank you all for your input! Here's a pic of my current Chanel family (still haven't brought myself to 'undress' my new Baby! lol):shame:
  2. Hi there, are the straps the same on both your bags? I'm 5'1" but strangely drawn to the larger one... thinking about exchanging mine, especially if the larger version has the double "interwoven" strap...
  3. Here's a link to a large Cabas on eBay...there's pics of the strap there...
    Each strap on the Baby Cabas is a single chain w/ leather woven in (sorry, hard to explain!)
  4. Your yorkie is adorable!

    Thanks for the info :smile:
  5. Good pick. I think the baby C looked better on you and I doubt you'll have many occasions (if any at all) in which you can't carry everything you need in it plus some!
  6. Gorgeous Chanel family and I am glad you decide in the small tote. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks skimmilk, echo & ronsdiva! I'm very happy w/ my decision!
  8. beautiful family!!
    congratz and enjoy!!:tup:
  9. Nice collection, and i also notice your Yorkie, he is so gourgeous, I have one too!!
  10. Great choice.....I love the baby cabas~~

    Btw, u have a lovely chanel collection, thanks for sharing!!
  11. yay, i voted for the smaller cabas and i'm glad you chose it, it looked great on you!
  12. Thank you Sooya, Viviana, Celia & Jenn!! :yahoo:
  13. Nice collection, great choice.
  14. Love your stunning Chanel family :drool::drool:
  15. Thank you! I think next on my list is a red Chanel, or something patent!