thanks for your help

  1. Thanks for all the research this site provides for someone with no knowledge of the topic. I just bought my wife two bags from Chanel for the holidays, a jumbo classic in black caviar and a classic coin caviar in beige/tan. I saved a few $'s doing it this week after reading here about the upcoming price increase.

    Seems like a wonderful supportive community.

    all the best.
  2. oh yea!:woohoo:
    There is a lot of invaluable info on this Forum, so glad your were able to find some that helps!
  3. i agree, as i'm just learning about chanel this forum has been invaluable, both as a reference for info and the many members who have been so kind and patient to respond to my threads and even pms...

    and what a sweet husband you are changejobs!!!

  4. after being married 20 years to me, that's the least she deserves.:smile: