Thanks for y'all Feedback on the umbrella

  1. Just a quick note to say thanks to the Forum for talking me into keeping the umbrella that my BF got me for Xmas. This week it rained in SF and I was lucky enough to test it out -- I got so many compliments on it that it was a bit freaky. Matter of fact, I went into Burberry to look around and the sales associate saw my umbrella and asked if I was at Saks earlier -- I said yes and why did she ask? She said that two women came in and purchased my umbrella because they saw some "stylish guy" with it and thought it was perfect for their husbands.

    Any case -- thanks and here are some pics!
    BurberryUmbrella.jpg BurberryUmbrella2.jpg
  2. That had to feel great! I would think the same thing if I saw a man carrying that umbrella. I'm
  3. Funny story!! :amuse: Love it!
  4. Knew it would look hot on you Clake! :wlae:

    You're a walking advertisement for Burberry! :supacool:
  5. You are too sweet -- thank you for the compliment :shame:
  6. That is a great looking umbrella and I'm sure you look great with it!
  7. Cool.
  8. The cutest story ever!! :yes:
  9. That's great!!! haha, doesn't that give you a great sense of satisfaction?