Thanks for the opinions - I exchanged by Leigh!

  1. I posted that the middle turnlock hardware was kind of marred - like it was scratched and pitted around the lock. I took it back to the store and asked if it was supposed to look like that. We checked all the other Leighs and their hardward was nice and smooth and perfect, so that sealed the deal!! Fortunately they have more available at JAX so I should be getting another one shortly.
  2. Good for you! :tup:
  3. Good I'm glad!! Now it will make you feel so pretty when you go out instead of having to worry "Does anyone notice?" Now you will be able to truly love your bag! congrats! Post pics when you get the new one!!
  4. Yes i was relieved when I asked the SA if it was supposed to look like that and she said "oh no..."! I'll have my daughter act as my official photog to post a photo when she arrives!
  5. Good ! When you pay that kind of money for a bag it should be PERFECT.