Thanks for the help - new wallet pics!

  1. So, I got something completely different and unique to replace the LV French Purse that needs repair (grrrrrrrrr). Need opinions please. Its Ferragamo, limited edition (no two are alike) - nothing like I've ever had but i'm not sure if its "too much". Thanks gals!
    leopard1.jpg leopard2.jpg leopard3.jpg
  2. I think it's cute and kind of whimsical.
  3. I think its cute!
  4. What nice is that it will go with everything!
  5. I love it, its lovely :smile:
  6. That is my kind of wallet-great choice!
  7. oh thanks everyone - i was a little unsure but I feel better!
  8. I like that wallet. It's so different and cute.
  9. Wow, I love it! Can you fit a checkbook inside too?
  10. If you don't mind me asking. Where did you get it and how much?
  11. You could fit a small checkbook inside and Missypoo it was (choke) $390 at the Ferragamo store!
  12. that is beautiful!!!!
  13. Oh, I think that is cute!
  14. lovely :smile:
  15. The giraffe is adorable! Look at her face... :love:
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