Thanks for the Damier's what I picked!


Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
Hi guys,

Thanks to all of you who gave me Damier ideas. I ended up with a "classic." Maybe some day I'll branch out. I went into the Boutique planning on getting a small wallet for my Sophie. After looking at everything my DH said he liked the Ludlow so I bought it and walked out. On my way to the end of the mall I kept complaining about wanting the Damier Speedy 25 that I had also tried on so my DH said go back and exchange the Ludlow for the bag so I DID!!! Of course I then had to walk to Juicy Couture to get the cherry charm. Anyhow, I am now officially on Ban until who knows when. It was a great week for me: mono wallet with zip, sophie, and now my first Damier!!!! Here she is all dressed up w/nowhere to go. Thanks to all of you with all the great ideas on accessorizing your bags!!!!!


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