thanks for the browns and gold help :O) pic

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  1. I went with the sig large spotlight.. I'm not normally a siggy lover but this bag is perfect..very comfortabe and oh so cute... im really liking the poppy line.. I have one more on the way... a glam tote :O)

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  2. #2 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    OH one question did anyone else fine the pink hangtag on it odd. I bought a gold patent small tag to add to it to kinda break up the pink look :O) and she needed a purseket too
  3. I love it!! Siggy really works well for certian bags and this is one of them! Enjoy!
  4. Funny you say that because when I saw that bag at my outlet, I remember thinking the exact same thing and looking at another to see if the tags got switched or something.
  5. She is pretty...and yes I wondered about the hang tag being pink too, what color is the lining? :smile:
  6. Yay I'm glad you went with the brown Spotlight! I'll say this and I have very similar taste! I also picked up the same gold wristlet yesterday at the outlet. I was really tempted to buy the small brown Spotlight while I was there, but I decided to wait until next week when my bf takes me there to pick out some things for my Valentine's day gift. Oh, and I thought the same thing about the pink hang tag...I thought it looked a bit odd and out of place. Still a great bag nonetheless!
  7. Very pretty. I love the gold wristlet too. I almost bought that same one in pink today.
  8. lined in coach's fav purple satin lol....I think once I get the gold patent hangtag it will look awesome... the gold one Im getting is about half the size of the pink one so it should look cute..
  9. Good choice saw the brown's I like the siggy in brown on brown and the tag is cute on it to me in the pink. I think pink compliments the brown and since it's Poppy, they gave the brown a pop of color with the pink tag. Enjoy!
  10. I thought the strap would bug me but its cute worn with it too..
  11. I thought maybe the lining was not, pink and brown are very cute together!! Your gold one your expecting will be really cute I am guessing!! :smile:
  12. You will love her - I carried my black lurex spotlight yesterday and boy is she light and very comfortable worn crossbody
  13. I love the color of this bag! Congratulations!!! The other pieces you have will contrast nicely with it!

    Maybe its just me but the long straps bother me. I wish they were the same color as the shorter straps. I know its probably a comfort issue but I worry they would get dirty. Is the longer strap washable?
  14. super cute, i like the pink hangtag

  15. well you could but it would be tricky to wash but its not white its cream so should be fine :O)