Thanks for the advice!

  1. Well...I took my Coach over to my step mom's house. And she lovingly stroked the leather...:yahoo: It made finding it a new home exciting. There was only a little part of me that wanted to grab it from her hands and run out the door...:shame:...But...Since I don't always dress up. And the bag had brass feet. It was a dressier bag. Not just a sweater and jeans sort of bag... And I had NEVER found time to use it. And I always thought of her when I seen the bag in the closet. (It just looked like her style of a bag) She's always dressed up. They don't have a lot of money...But she bargin shops. She hit Macy's up with 70% off going out of business Saturday.

    She even gave me a HUG before I left~:wtf:...She said she couldn't believe she owned a Coach!!! And my dad was grinning from ear to ear to see her so happy...It made me feel really good. My dad said...He just KNEW that she would be taking that purse to church on Sunday to show it off to all her friends there.:smile: (I called her later today and she was laying down. She was so excited to show the bag off she couldn't sleep last night)

    Thanks all for your advice as to what to do...:flowers: That bag never got what it deserved in my home. Just closet shelf use. I am glad to see someone truly appreciate it...And I know she'll use it. And...Most important...CARE FOR IT! She won't trash it...
  2. Thats such a great story. I think you did the right thing. I'm sure she will take very good care of it, and its also worth it just to see your father happy about it too. Good karma coming your way!!!:tup:
  3. AWWW... that is such a wonderful story! You are so wonderful to give it to her!
  4. That was really nice of you to do such a sweet thing, sometimes if a relationship with a person is so so the best thing you can do is kill them with kindness etc.
  5. That is so great ! You did the right thing

  6. Yeah...I do believe your right! And...I don't expect her to start watching my kids just because I gave her the purse...But...Maybe she won't make excuses why we can't stop over. That's all I really want. To be able to stop over without her making excuses why we can't. So my kids get to know their grandfather a bit better.:yes: That's all I really want. She was on cloud 9 when I gave her the bag...And she HUGGED ME!:wtf: I still can't get over that...And the look on my dad's face...I've never seen him so happy! And he's a GUY!!! And he was happy for his wife over a purse...Whom knows how long she talked about it to him...All I know is that I was going to drop if off on Saturday. And she was going to clean the church that day. And they changed days so she could be home to accept the handbag. And my dad called me to say..."We'll be home Saturday...Since we went Friday and cleaned the church"...

    To do something unselfish does make one feel good!:yes:
  7. Doesn't it feel great to make someone happy? You definitely did the right thing. Give yourself a hug!:flowers:
  8. That is a wonderful thing you did by giving your stepmom that purse.
    You are a gem! :flowers:
  9. What a great story!! Thank you for sharing!
  10. What a sweet story! Maybe this will really thaw any coolness in your relationship. I hope so!
  11. Aww...that's awesome! May the Coach Karma Fairy repay you ten-fold!:smile:
  12. Im glad you did that. I also buy my mom Coach stuff since she cant afford it. She was very excited when I got her one for Christmas and the wristlet I had gotten her earlier.
  13. This is SO sweet! Good karma is coming your way I bet. I just know you MIL loves that bag and will treasure it. Good for you, doing something so nice! Doesn't it feel GREAT?!
  14. Yes, it really does! You did a wonderful thing! I'm a stepmom too of 2 young men and I know it's sometimes really hard for stepkids and stepmoms to connect. Good for you for such a huge effort on your part! That was incredibly sweet! And your dad being happy is an added bonus!
  15. Awww it was really sweet of you to give it to your step mom. you made her and you dad happy. Good for you, what goes around comes around. Something good will happen to you soon too.