Thanks for post about mirrior pouch. strap scratching!


Choose to be happy
Sep 19, 2006
Tried to search for the thread, but couldn't find it.

I finally remembered to check my bag, and sure enough I had the strap stored along the back. At the top the strap was sticking from the glue just a left a little glue mark when I pulled it off, which buffed off :sweatdrop: .

I could really see if I left this on how it could have damanaged the bag!

So, thank you, thank you for the warning!

tPF Rocks!
The strap scratched all the pochettes available at the macy's Louis Vuitton store it was amazing to see that they are still selling these damaged pochettes. Thanks to poufiasse cause without her warning I would have never check the back of each Miroir pochettes.