Thanks for everything today - I've had a blast !

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  1. Thank you to everyone that I've come across today , for the threads that I semi-invaded , for the multiple purchases I nearly made , the advice given and recieved, the sisters and niece I have adopted . You are all a lovely bunch of bag ladies that came out wrong but I think you know what I mean.
    I've had a lovely day being silly and hopefully brought a smile to some of your faces - you have certainly all made me smile ( as well as covet your collections and drool over your piccies)
    It is not very often that I get to spend so much time on a pc , usually fleeting visits and I don't really get chance to build up any conversations if I'm not around for a while please remember me when I pop by again.
    Ltd edition xxx
  2. Wow - sounds like a missed a good day!
  3. Hi Ali - it's all mainly on one or two threads so I'm sure you can catch up

    I have spent way too much time on here , so much so that I was supposed to be cooking a roast chicken dinner , forgot to put the chicken in and we've ended up with cheese on toast.
    Ah well never mind - the chicken will keep till tomorrow.
  4. Ha! I'm sure everybody will be fine with having the Chicken tomorrow and the Cheese on Toast was lovely! Sometimes, bags are just more important!
  5. Hi Ltd Edition!

    We didn't meet properly on the Mulberry-aholics thread, but I did laugh through your posts. You'll have to pardon me for not replying to your posts as I was too caught up in my own bag dilemma to think about anyone else. Yep, definitely addicted!!!!!

    Glad you've had a great time and I hope you'll get to pop on again soon!
  6. Hope you got your bag dilemma sorted klp , it's crazy isn't it how one little thing takes over everything else ,hopefully we'll get chance to chat again.
    Ali - the benefit of cheese on toast is that you can eat and surf at the same time , other half is happily watching topgear or something whilst I am doing some 'work'
  7. It's been my first day off in 10 days, so this is my first chill and PF participate day in a while....I always end up buying something though!
  8. Ltd edition, good to have you around. Make sure you pop in again real soon.

    My poor kids are used to me completely forgetting to feed them when I get engrossed on here. Good thing pasta cooks fast!
  9. I always miss the good stuff!! Figures.
  10. Ltd.ed., how could we forget. Hope you log on again soon :yes:

    My visits today where just fleeting but you still managed to put several smiles on my face!
  11. It's been a blast!!!. Your posts have had me laughing out loud and the kids have been giving me weird looks!!!! hope to catch up with you again soon. keep making the sarnies for lunch- you've inspired me to do the same!
  12. I have managed to 'bribe' my daughter into cooking whilst I do 'research' on the internet, it is the only thing keeping her brother and sister from severe malnutrition. I find the odd mulberry bag tossed her way now and again does the trick - she is only 11!
  13. Sounds like I have missed a treat!!
  14. Ha, I would try that with my 10 year old daughter but she would just get loads of packets of crisps and they would just eat them!