Thanks for all of your support-I exchanged it!

  1. and the stripe is perfect. I don't like the inside as much as i did on the first bag- but meh. it's still beautiful.

    anyway, thanks to everyone who listened to my complaining!

  2. I'm glad you decided to return it & got a flawless one! :tup:
  3. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! What did they say to you when you went in to exchange it and how many did you ask to see before you were satisfied? I ask to see 3-4 bags each time :smile:
  4. they were fine with the exchange. i looked at all the bags they said they had, and they all looked fine. The problem is, i'm really picky, and i love the light blue colored stripe, and none of the bags they had really had any blue stripes. so, even though i got another one, i'm still not happy with it because to me it's not "perfect". sigh... i just wish i could get to another Coach store to look at their selection :sad:
  5. Are there any other Coach stores near you? OR maybe you could try to order it online and see what they send you, if you like it better....OR Macy's? You can always try the department stores and see if they have a nicer selection you like. I am glad you got another one though!
  6. I am also very picky with buying a bag! I would always need 3-4 bags to choose from too! But I think dept stores don't mind taking out a few to select them. The boutiques are different though...
  7. I always ask the SA to inspect the bag and see if she sees any flaws in the stitiching etc. I find this most helpful and most of the Sa s are very helpful and knowledgeable. I have only encountered 1 SA in my years of shopping that was really not that friendly but most will be more than happy to help you with this or at least appreciate that you are paying a lot of money for a product that they are proud to sell/endorse etc.