Thanks Everyone!!

  1. I want to thank everyone who offered me advice and reviews on the Ring bag....mine came in today and it is SO perfect!! :yahoo: I know that with each new bag we buy, that seems to be the most wonderful bag ever. But this bag is the most "me"....a style that I generally gravitated towards even pre-Choo. I was just concerned that the bag was going to be too long, but the photos are deceiving, it's not long at's just perfect! :love::heart::love:

    The leather is like buttah....I of course love the sneak-snake trim :sneaky:, and the outside pockets make it really convenient for easy access to my cell phone.

    Oh, to anyone concerned about Overstock....don't be! This bag came packaged better than things I've had pretty much just wrapped in tissue paper and thrown in a box from NM. The bag itself was inside a large plastic dustcover with the Choo dustcover inside the handbag. There was a security tag attached, the lock hardware was covered with the Choo plastic cover, tissue in all the pockets, care cards were in the bag and the bag is definitely authentic....just a great experience! :woohoo:

    I'll take photos tomorrow....she just got here about an hour ago and I've got a sick puppy. :crybaby: I now truly understand the meaning of "puppy dog eyes"! Ziggy looks so sad....he's just not himself, no get up and go, no playfulness. I couldn't get an appointment with our Vet. until tomorrow, so I've just been hanging out with him all day.

    So tomorrow I will post photos of my wee 4 bag Choo collection including my new love....the black watersnake Ring bag!!! :dothewave:

    Again, thanks everyone!!
  2. Stinkerbelle - I am so glad you are excited about your new Choo bag...and such a deal! :yahoo: Looking forward to your pictures tomorrow.

    We have all Corgi paws crossed here (6 of them!) for your Ziggy. :noworry: Hope it isn't serious.

    Keep us posted.
  3. Congrats on your bag! But just as important - I hope your puppy gets better! I have had a sick dog once or twice and it is really a helpless feeling.

    Post those photos and perhaps one modelling as soon as you can! :heart:
  4. Congrats on the bag!! Cant wait to see pics. I was thinking about this bag but was also concerned about the length.

    Sorry to hear your puppy is sick. My english cocker spaniel was diagnosed with diabetes last October so I definetely know what you mean about the puppy dog eyes. Hopefully it won't be anything serious. I will have my fingers crossed for you:smile:
  5. Congrats on your new bag, I've been looking at this style, love the length of it and the overall look.
    Best wishes for puppy, I have 2 'babies', so I understand your concern, I would be doing the same - hanging out with him.
    Again congrats on the bag and post pics.
  6. :wlae:Stinkerbelle:yahoo:

    I am So happy you like your new Ring :choochoo: It is a truly wonderful everyday bag and I find it to be the easiest one to use.

    The leather is SO, SO soft and lightweight and of course the "Sneaky :sneaky:Snake" just makes the bag!

    It sounds like Overstock packages the bags far nicer and more protected than ANY of the Department stores. I can't wait to see your "Choo family" photos:nuts:

    I don't have much experience with Puppy's, but I know when any of my kitties are sick, I feel awful:crybaby: I wish Ziggy a speedy recovery:heart:
  7. Thanks everyone! I absolutely LOVE this bag! :love:

    Robyn, you hit the nail on the head on two counts. This bag does seem like the perfect every day bag. Easy to use, low maintenance, lightweight and because it's black less concern about anything showing up on it. :yes:

    And Overstock packing vs. Department stores. I was really impressed with the packaging from Overstock. Lots of tissue paper in the box to protect the bag, and the over-sized plastic dustcover was a really nice touch. Not just a big plastic bag, it's got a drawstring. It was shipped in a large box, not the smallest box they could find to shove it into like a bag I once received from NM that also had almost no packing materials other than a sheet of tissue paper. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a bag from Overstock again!

    Thanks too for all the best wishes for Ziggy! He has a Vet appointment at 1:00 PM today. He's eating and drinking, so I know that's a really good thing....he's just sluggish, not himself. :s

  8. YAY, Stinkerbelle!!! :yahoo:Being a Biker Ring hobo owner and lover myself, I was quite anxious to hear what you thought about yours! ITA with everything you've said and more! Congratulations! :tup: And hope that by now your puppy's all better!
  9. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  10. Yeah, another Biker Choo Chick! Congrats, Stinkerbelle:choochoo::happydance:
  11. Be like Stinkerbelle - that's what I say. :yahoo: My black biker Ring just came from Overstock. Definitely authentic. And OMG, a super bag. So glad I took the plunge. I would not hesitate to get another Choo bag from them, if the opportunity arose. The ring is perfect in every way.
  12. ^ Woo-Hoo! I am so glad you got one!! For as much as you love Choo, and for as diverse as your collection is, you really "needed" this bag! Don't you just love it? A great casual bag that goes with pert near everything! :love:

    So that is my recommendation for the day. If you do not have a Ring bag and you are looking for the PERFECT casual not your nearest JC boutique or favorite online store and buy this bag!:yahoo::woohoo:

    Oh, and those nasty rumors about me getting a kickback from every Ring bag sold? Lies I tell you....all lies! :whistle:

    Happy Halloween everyone! :devil:

  13. Yes - I love it. As the DH would say "If you love it so much, why don't you kiss it?" (I swear we are older than 5.) OK...smack :heart: smack :heart: smack.

    This is a great bag, and I don't think anyone could be disappointed with it.
  14. You, too Jburgh? How many is that now? Have you posted pics of your family yet? Who's lucky? We Are!!!:party:
  15. I'm holding out to post until my life is complete :graucho:. Or when we get the reference library...whatever comes first!

    But, I did go overboard and am feeling a little guilty. Purse ban for now.