Thanks Droo update on my bag modification

  1. So, I am so impressed with the customer service I received from Coach. I wanted to modify a signature bag that I have, a signature duffle and I have the legacy Rambler's Legacy bag and was going to use the strap for that since it is longer and has the nickel hardware but I stopped using this bag because the strap was worn and the stiching a little frayed and one of the gromets came loose So, I called CS and they sent me a replacement strap so now I can use it for my signature duffle crossbody and use my Rambler again. Now I have 2 crossbody bags I just have to keep switching the strap but it goes perfectly with my other bag and the leather is so much nicer and softer than the one that came with my bag originally. Fed Ex came with no problem (I usually have problems with UPS just leaving my stuff out in the street) And I signed for it AND they included a catalogue, I was so excited because with the exception of a few replacement dust bags, I never received anything from coach delivered to my house. Droo thank you so much for your help and for everyone else who had great ideas and suggestions, I feel like I have 2 new bags all over again which is excellent because I am on a ban so this should keep me going for a while lol.
  2. You're welcome!

    I'm so glad that worked out for you!!! :yahoo: YAAAAAAAAY!!!
  3. Oh I am so happy that you are able to use your bags again! Post pictures when you finish your modification!
  4. Pics, Pics!!!