Thanks Chloe_concord!

  1. Thanks Chloe_concord!!! I picked up my Edith at my parents house on Sat.
    Here are a couple pics of my new bag. I'm still on the fence about her because i'm such a Balenciaga Bag lover. But I think she will grow on me[​IMG]
    Also when I 1st saw her I have had bad news so i think I just might be in a bad mood right now so she doesn't look that good to me. I will give her a week or she is going to my Mom. I'll see what kind of reaction she gets at work tomorrow.:suspiciou
    I would post a pic of me carrying it but I'm in my PJs right now so i
    look lame:unsure:
    bag 063 (2).jpg bag 064 (2).jpg
  2. I'm sure you'll love this bag! I love Edith and grey is such a nice color.
  3. It looks so cute! I think you're going to love it!
  4. nice..i can smell the leather from here,,hehe
  5. Lovely in grey!
  6. LOVE that color!so pretty!
  7. I like the color.
  8. Grey is such a beaufiful color. I wish they make the large size in grey as well.:biggrin:
    I have been using my Chamois in the past weekend for a short trip. It is easy to carry over my shoulder so I can carry my daughter in my arm. And it is simple cut so easily to go with any outfit.

    Givr you more time to discover it and decide.:idea:
  9. Certainly don't listen to me because I have yet to throw an Edith out the door :wacko: but perhaps what's missing from yours is the extra scrumples we see in pics. My whiskey looks just like your grey and I think that's why I wasn't bowled over at first. But then it grew on me fast like mold on cheese. But then I ordered another one for comparison scrumples! Can't say I've met an Edith I didn't like, but certainly see others I love more! Grey is quite pretty!
    Give it some time and/or if it's an option, try to find one more if this one doesn't make its way into your heart.:idea: If not, look towards fall!!
  10. HC! I thought for sure you would bowl yourself over with the love gushing for the grey!!! It's a lovely versatile color, give it a few days. I was lukewarm about all the colors and then bam, right as I was about to sell it... it hit me like a ton of bricks!
  11. Thanks all. I did enjoy carrying it to work today. It went very well with my outfit. I'll give it some more time.
  12. The grey is growing on me. Soon Edith will take over the world! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...
  13. yay, hc! i am so happy you finally got it! and i know the grey will grow on you; it just has to. the color is gorgeous and by far my favorite.
  14. Ok so 2nd day taking Edith to work and it goes great w/my outfit again. I'm just wondering how I can make mine have more "scrumples"? Like Blu was talking about. I try to mush it, you think maybe I'm carrying too much stuff in it? When I took the photos above my stuff was in the bag. Maybe I should empty it and mush it around? Also have any of you tried the Apple conditioner? I noticed 2 small scuffs on the bag =[
  15. Hi hc! I think certain pieces of leather are just prone to scrumpling. Chucky got softer, definitely, with smooshing, and I could imagine him getting wavy in the future, but not scrumpled... that said yours still looks a little scrumplier than Chucky!