Thanks ChanelBoy - I love my bag!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am still on a high, I hunted high and low within the UK and Europe for a black expandable flap.

    Anyway, I could not find one, neither could the Chanel SA's in Europe and UK. Chanel Boy works for Nordstroms and not only managed to find me the black one I loved, he also got it shipped to the UK from the States.

    It is so soft and I am soo happy!!! It is a great starter piece IMO!!:yahoo:

    Ok, UK ladies if there is anything you require from Chanel and cannot find it here, please do contact ChanelBoy, he is the Chanel Specialist!!!:tup:

    I will post pics when I am back in the office. I must also add that it came in a beautiful box, with dustbag, plastic protector, the works!!!! I am so chuffed!!!:yahoo:


    I cannot wait to pop into Sloane Street Chanel with my bag, I am going to seek out Heus and show him with the words - "Hey, thanks anyway, but stop the search!!"lol:p
  2. Haha, congratulations!! :yahoo:
    I'd love to see you when you go down to Sloane Street to show them your gorgeous new bag, all the way from the US :p
    Great job, Chanelboy! :tup:
  3. Lol!! I know, we really do not get this great service like our US counterparts!!!Lol!! I am so happy!!!:tup:
  4. congrats!
  5. congrats, pics pls!!
  6. Thanks , they will be coming promise!
  7. Yea good for you:yahoo: and bravo to ChanelBoy!!:woohoo:

    Can't wait for pics!:nuts:
  8. "Happy New Bag" to you!!! Enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  9. Sammyjoe-I am soooo happy for you! Can't wait to see you with the baby in the pictures!

    Chanelboy-Good job!:tup:
  10. Wow! That's awesome. Congratulations.
  11. i'm so excited for you!!! congratulations!
  12. congrats!
  13. cool! Happy for you :party:
  14. Congrats! :dothewave:
    Please post pics soon!
  15. Great news, congrats!