thanks all

  1. for putting up with me lately with all my bag "stuff"...i've had a very stressful month with family living with me and my son having some minor surgery (he's fine, just found out today from dr's report) and i think i just went nuts with bags because of all the stress...
    i finally got the two bags i wanted...a miu miu, which is amazing and an andrew marc...i looked and bought and returned a million times in the past month, but, nothing looked as good to me as those two...the andrew marc i was suprised about because at 400 it is one of my least expensive bags (YIKES!)...and i thought i should look for something more high end (sheesh am i snob or what?)...but i do love both bags...
    so thanks for putting up with me and my craziness over the past month...(or so....)
  2. :heart::heart:;):heart:
  3. glad to hear you son is fine now

    and no worries... stuff happens! it's all good!