Thanks a bunch: Queen presented with bananas . . .

  1. by the little girl the Queen Mother gave bananas to 60 years ago

    Last updated at 22:53pm on 24th January 2008

    Recovering in hospital after receiving shrapnel wounds from a German bomb, four-year- old Betty Taylor received a surprise visit from Queen Elizabeth.

    Betty was thrilled - not least because the royal visitor presented her with a couple of bananas, a fruit she had never seen before. Yesterday, 65 years on, she was finally able to repay the gesture to her visitor's daughter.

    But this Queen Elizabeth seemed a little less delighted with the gifts than Betty had been.
    After she was presented with the bananas, her expression suggested she would not be consuming them later.
    Perhaps the advanced level of ripeness was not to her liking.
    That was not a problem for the young Betty in 1943.

    Back in wartime Britain, bananas of any shade were extremely rare and highly desirable.
    Having first appeared in the country in 1633, they later began to be regularly imported.
    But during the Second World War supplies were cut off by Nazi U-boats.
    Some bananas were reported to have been sent to Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, but the pair unselfishly decided to allow children in hospital to have their treats.
    Betty - who later became Betty Hyde - had been injured when a bomb fell near her home in South London and was recuperating in Lewisham Hospital when she received the royal visit.

    She is now a 69-year-old grandmother and living in Runcton Holme, Norfolk.
    The handing over of the the bananas to Her Majesty took place as she officially opened a CT scanner unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, where Mrs Hyde worked for 16 years.
    She said: "I was delighted to give the Queen bananas in return for her being so kind to me. I handed them to her and said, 'I would like to return the compliment'.
    "She smiled and said, 'Thank you. That's very nice'. "Bananas are obviously a lot easier to come by these days so I don't think my gift to her was quite as special as the one to me 65 years ago."

  2. Returning the gesture: Mrs Hyde giving the Queen bananas yesterday

    Royal visit: Young Betty receives a gift of bananas from the then Queen

    The Queen was amused by the unusual but heartwarming gift in Norfolk

    Four-year-old Betty had never seen a banana before. She was in hospital with her sister suffering from shrapnel wounds
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  3. Awe, very nice story.
  4. I just love the Queen and her little hand bags...
  5. Awww... how sweet!

    Leave it to the media to decide what the Queen felt about the gift. To me it looks like she's trying to figure out whether to have them by themselves or with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

    I love the Queen! She's always dressed really nice. Her son is another story. (Opps, is that political?) ;)
  6. ^^ Or maybe she wants them on Cheerios!
  7. She could be contemplating breaking out into song replacing ma na ma na with ba na na doooo do do do ....(a la Muppets & Sandra Bullock)
  8. aww I bet thats the first time the Queen got bananas as a present!
  9. Me too! but I can't imagine what she could possibly carry in them? She has someone to do anything and EVERYTHING for her, what could she be stashing in her bag??

    The story is heartwarming though.
  10. They say she uses her bags as a signal for when she is ready to leave. I think this is a very sweet gesture.
  11. the queen doesnt look taht much different from the older photo. wonder what is her secret?
  12. ^^^^^ Money,Money and Money and a life of ease!! (or maybe she had a nip and tuck!!):p

    I`ve just finished reading the Princess Diana book,so shes not my greatest idol at the moment!!!

  13. ahhh... makes sense

    how was the book?
  14. ^^^^^ Sad :crybaby:, I don`t know how that Camilla has the cheek to do Public visits, I know where I like to shove them Banana`s if I see her. (Camilla that is Hmmmm...maybe the queen too!!!)
  15. Cute story with pics to match....thanks for posting it, we rarely get nice, pleasant ones anymore !!