Thanking your SAs...

  1. As some of you may already know, mine just recently found me an item which I'm now over the moon about!! I want to show my appreciation w/o completely embarrasing my SA (a handwritten note embarrassed a former SA) What's the correct protocol? Simple thanks, sending over a small gift, or dropping by myself w/ small gift? Or just say forget it... wait til Christmas. Lol. Tia!
  2. Oh, I think a handwritten note would be very appropriate.
  3. Payard!!!
  4. when my LV sa (who is no longer my SA and i am very sad about it) gave me a VIP gift i sent her a note. I alsi had an SA in another country sell me the last of a bag and had her husband bring it directly to me (he happened to be coming to NY 2 days after I called to buy it and was staying about a block from my office) I bought her a small gift from sephora and gave him a scarf i had in my house (NWT just an extra i bought 'in case') which i wrapped and gave to him. i think a card with maybe a starbucks gc in it would be nice. something small.
  5. That is soooo sweet of you !

    HL, I'll probably buy a small gift or flowers along with a thank you card and have it send to the store.
  6. well to have someone hand deliver the bag from another country was so above and beyond. they wouldn't ship it- their rules- so it was the only way i could possibly get it and it was the last bag in this style in the world. so i felt something was in order. lol. he was such a nice man and the SA was a doll, she volunteered her husband without even asking him. lol
  7. I don't think they're allowed to accept gifts. Maybe I'm wrong though?
  8. I brought mine a pastry...a little something from the bakery. starbucks cards are good too!
  9. i always wanna bring coffee for them when i visit....but i'm sure it's against their rules to drink on shopfloor= =
    i'm struggling with same problem....i really wanna thank them for their help...really dont know how to.....
  10. I bought a box of Godiva chocolate :drool:
  11. They can only accept edible gifts or flowers. I've ordered in pastries for the H staff a couple times and send chocolates. I once made some pink gold earrings for my SA and she had to send them back. lesson learned.
  12. That was such a sweet thing to do. Shame she couldn't accept them. I'm sure she appreciated the thought, though.
  13. *phew* i hope this policy applies to all stores in the US...
  14. a giftcerificate for a full body masage may be nice, the way the work all day!
  15. I sent a note, a picture of me seeing the Kelly with a big smile, and a box of cookies to the SA who helped get me the Kelly. She joked on the phone about Girl Scout thin mints since the Girl scouts were at my door when I was ordering.

    SAs want to know that you are happy and that they did a good job. Retail is hard work. For every customer that they make happy there are ten that are difficult.