Thanking an SA

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  1. I just had the most amazing experience with incredible customer service, and I am wondering what would have the most "bang" for the SA who helped me. Without a doubt, I am sending her a personal note. But, if I wanted to send a letter to LV management, where would I send it? Should I just send it to her boutique manager?

    This SA was able to locate an item for me after calling at least six different stores, and then following up today to make sure that
    I received a call from the store where she located the item. My past experiences in a LV boutique have not been any where near this special and attentive.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Well you can always write a letter to the store manager. And sent the SA a thank you.

    And now I'm curious what she located for you :graucho:
  3. congrats!you have a great SA, most of them are not like that

    Why you don't send her some flowers?
  4. I am keeping it a secret until the Fed Ex man gets here...I don't want to jinx it. I've never been so excited about receiving a bag, and knowing that this was so hard to find, well, I am going to keep quiet until it arrives. (As long as I am allowed to squeal in private!):yahoo:
  5. maybe a NV or speedy Roses bag??:graucho:
  6. That's the thing, actually. I wish she was my SA. She's 3000 miles away! I placed a call after a tip from a tPF'er about an item, and then learned that this SA's boutique didn't have the item, as reported. She then kept me on hold while she called a handful of stores, then offered to call the stores on the east coast in the morning since most of them had already closed last evening.

    I did have a pleasant experience in St Thomas in the Fall, but usually I have been turned off by the attitude of many SA's that I have encountered here in the states.

    This SA truly went above and beyond...I wish she was in my city!!
  7. No, sorry!!! Though I did see both of those at my Saks last week and they are lovely. I especially love the interior of the Neverfull.....
  8. you can always google for a local florist and place an order over the phone to have it delivered because I think she would appreciate it a lot and you seem to be very grateful.

    And now I want to know even more what you bought :confused1:
  9. Godiva Chocolates? that's what I did...
  10. A thank you note/letter for sure. I'd send one to the manager also, so it's on file. And a little something to go with the thank you note/letter never hurts either :smile:
  11. You're lucky to find such a nice SA, even over the phone and very kind to want to acknowledge her.
    I would write to the manager and maybe send her something like a box of iced cookies ( I sent some to my SA at Christmas and she loved them), chocolate arrangement etc. There are some great ideas online that don't have to cost a lot.
  12. I sent a letter to the CEO here about the fantastic service of my SA ... he then contacted the store manager and my SA:yes:
  13. Dentelle, ceries or mirage??? spill......
  14. I think a letter to the Store Manager will be greatly appreciated. It really lets the mgmt know which SAs are doing things right and will look really good for her!
  15. letter to Store manager for sure :tup: