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  1. notes =) will be stopped for awhile during the PCE and holiday time b/c of all the craziness (and by that i mean all the holiday shopping for gifts)

    just wanted to let you guys know just in case you wondered why your SA didn't send a thank you note when you dropped so much.

    they will resume in january

    but seriously. i don't know if any of you shopped with me during the PCE event but it has definitely been memorable for me, as well as the past few months because my store has been phenomenal!

    Thanks a million for your support!

    p.s if anyone cares, the last day of PCE i averaged 1659.17 SPH *sales per hour* and overall the event I averaged 987.13 SPH. :yahoo: i've been enjoying the highest bonus there is these past months.
  2. ms-whitney - thanks for the info and thanks, as always, for keeping us here on tpf informed on what's going on with Coach! We really appreciate it!

    Glad to hear you're getting a nice bonus - for all the questions you and the other Coach SAs here answer (and all the business you guys must bring in for them), they should definitely compensate you!

    Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday!
  3. You Know What, I For One Am Relieved! I Don't Have To Explain How Much I Spent To My Boyfriend In Order To Get Hand Written Notes From Sa's! They Do It Anyway, Regardless Of Amt, I Think, But Still, He Thinks Im Coach Crazy.
  4. Thank you so much for the info!
  5. you welcome! it's been a pleasure, mostly because all of you guys have been so nice.

    *sigh* if only i can get commission... :sneaky:

    but if that happens i'm afraid all hell would break loose.
  6. what do you guys get? just a record of how much you sell? or points? or a bonus? for the sa's that are great, they should be well taken care of in order to keep them inthat store. you could go work anywhere, they are lucky to have you.
  7. um, pay wise it varies.

    we get paid hourly. on top of that every month, if the store meets its goal, we get a bonus - the more we sell, the bigger it gets, but there is a cap unfortunately =(

    and this goes for everyone, so there shouldn't be any fighting over sales on the floor.

    each associate, and manager, has a record of how much they've sold YTD, MTD and WTD (that's year to date, month to date...etc); how much they sell per transaction, how much units they sell per transaction, and how much they sell per hour w/ how many transaction they've had being recently added.

    and that just goes into your review for future references (when you go apply for other jobs/career)

    also, it goes towards the raise you'd get (yearly) and the end of the year bonus you get (if you worked for 1000+ hours)
  8. Is being a Coach SA a good job, paywise? It seems like it would be an enjoyable place to work.
  9. ms-whitney:
    thank you so much! I did not know how important it was for me to shop with my fav SA. Your information about WTD, MTD, YTD sales makes so much sense. I will defintely make sure I go to just her and make sure she is the one I shop with exclusively. before I would mainly go to her but then would go with someone else if she was not working. I will also strive to hit the same store each time.

  10. I'm totally with you on this! Hopefully SPH stays up and you win smart seller at the end of the month!

    We get paid for how well we do our job with an annual raise (on top of any promotional raise that might occur). Like Ms. Whitney said though we get a monthly bonus that depending on how well the store does- you can basically add on 1-3$ hourly for that month. Coach also has monthly contests to reward the top four sellers in the district (so within 3-10 stores) which is what I was talking to ms. whitney about where you get "coach bucks" (a gift card basically).

    Coach definetly rewards you for your job and recognizes that you are a valuable team member by other types of top seller lists in the company and for sellers who sell over a million dollars, they get to go to the management meeting in july to get recognized :smile:

  11. yay. it's totally your choice who you shop with; i just want to put emphasis in that. but i'm sure your SA will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

    and sprinkles, since i have school full time and another job i only work there a bit - so it'll be great to accumulate titles but in the end it's all just fun for me. :yes:
  12. thanks for the breakdown whitney, that's great. and i agree, stay with your sa. i hope mine gets a raise, im putting someones's kid through college shopping therre.