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  1. :heart: I just had to take a moment to thank all of the gals who have said so many nice things about my bag accessories. I am overwhelmed by the amount of pm's, emails, and comments I have received regarding the way I accessorize my bags. Your kind words and compliments mean so much to me and I wish I could mention each of you individually, but we would be here a very long time. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!
    Here is my newest family photo, and my latest charm/braid combo. Since I loved what I made for my Indigo bag so much, I decided to try something new on my Twiggy. It is made of 14kt white gold, light blue topaz, and the large darker stones are flawless Blue Zircons.
    IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6110.jpg IMG_6092.jpg
  2. You should really start a business! You'll be a millionaire!!! I love them. Is that an LV charm on your BG Pink bag?
  3. :heart: em
  4. :shame:
    lol..thanx zac! I'm just about ready! Yes, the small charms on the pink bag are the ones I took of my suede fringe pochette, and the large one I've borrowed from my suede fringe bucket and I put it back on when using the bucket. They are the prettiest faux charms I've seen (and believe me I have seen thousands in my wholesale jewelry catalogs!), and I soooo wish LV would sell them on a keychain or something, even if they cost a bundle!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.