***Thank you :)!!!***

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  1. I just wanted to say Thank You :flowers:to the posters and helpful people on TPF and the Ebay Forum!

    I'm an bag lover who sells just a few times a year to fund new bags and clean out my closet. Whenever I need information, it takes lots of searching & time on Ebay. On tpf, people respond with the correct info usually within minutes.

    I've learned SO MANY helpful things here like never budging on "shipping to Paypal confirmed addresses ONLY", taking detailed pics of every part of my bag, how to word my listings clearly, and overstating even the minor flaws in my items. You guys also made me aware of what certain scams are and how to avoid them (this has been a life-saver along with how to block bidders and how to tell what type of bidders I should block to begin with!).

    There are lots of posts here about getting scammed on the buyer/seller side alike, and with good reason. However, I just wanted to share something positive because without tpf and all the information we all share here, my Ebay experience wouldn't be half as positive & successful as it's been so far.

    So thanks again, everyone :biggrin:for sharing your knowledge and experiences (good & bad). It's very much appreciated and I hope that as I get more experience, I can also share some helpful tips with you all as well!
  2. ITA....:tpfrox:
  3. I agree as well! I've learned SO much by hanging out in this forum, there are fortunately some great Ebay experts here that are great! I always learn something new when
    Ellie Mae posts, it's great!
  4. There is more to learn every day.. thanks to all the TPF'ers.....
  5. I agree.. there is TONS AND TONS of really great info and experience to be gleaned from the ebay forum. And so many people willing to share.

    The cool thing about the ebay forum is that members from all over the forum come together here to help each other.
    Everyone here knows stuff, everyone has different experiences, everyone is "expert" on something. So there is ALWAYS someone who is willing to help.


    :hugs:ALL are appreciated!!
  6. Thank you, you are very kind :hugs:
  7. I was going to start a thread with this theme, too. I just said no to a probable scam from Indonesia. After I declined to ship internationally, they requested
    i ship to their friend in Houston, of course not paypal address. No way! Thanks to all on this forum for helping me understand how to deal with the ins and outs of selling and buying.
  8. [​IMG]
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