Thank YOU!!!

  1. THANK you guys for putting up a DIOR SUBFORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart:

    I know I was the original person to start the Dior thread but I just wanted to say thanks to Vlad & Meg!

    I was out of town the last 3 days, so I didn't get a chance to use the internet but I came on here asap when I got back! YAYYYYYY FOR DIORRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

    :rolleyes: :heart: :yes: :rolleyes:
  2. J'adore Dior! thanks to Vlad and Megs also!
  3. thank u guyz :heart:
  4. Awesome! Thank you!
  5. Thanks!:yes:
  6. YAY! Thank you! :flowers:
  7. Now, if we could just get a Mulberry subforum....:yes:
  8. I appreciate the subforum. Dying to buy a Dior. This is going to be a good place to visit.

  9. yeah.. thanks for having the dior subforum... loving it...... although I only own one.. hehehe
  10. then i wont have a life lol.
  11. thanks a bunch! :flowers:
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