Thank You!!!

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  1. I would just like to thank everyone on this board for being so knowledgable and friendly. Seriously, if it weren't for you guys I would own the chanel store stock and be in serious debt. I would keep buying relentlessly and wastefully. (not that chanel is a waste-but you know what I mean) All your opinions and input is taken into serious consideration and helps me alot! Thanks so much!! However, I have decided to keep the mc e/w and the pink flap....and buy the black expandable flap....:nuts:.Due to the impending price increase I am going to enlist my dh to purchase the classics for me from now on. He has no clue what things cost, did cost or will cost so its the best solution. Debate settled :tup:
    Now on to the resort collection we go!!!
  2. congrats on your decision!
  3. I agree, since i'm new too and don't know a lot about the handbags, everyone in this forum is so knowledgeable and friendly. I would also like to thank everyone for being helpful. It's nice that everyone helps each other out.
  4. oh my goodness, some of the ladies here are SO insanely knowledgable!! I applaud everyone here for being so willing to share their knowledge and for those who aren't 'experts' I thank them for being so gracious and respectful contributors! :biggrin: