THANK You...

  1. :tup:Hello all,
    I must say THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved in the Balenciaga purse forum. Becasuse of ALL you beautiful people, I have known what to look for concerning Authentic BBags and have become more aware of finding the BBag that is truely right for me. I lucked up today and found both an Emerald City and Ink city Office bags(what I truely wanted). :yahoo: I bought the Ink City office! :crybaby:Hopefully the Emerald city Office bag won't be alone for long at the NM in Troy Michigan!! :wlae:THANK YOU EVERYONE at tPf forum for sharing your knowledge!
  2. Congrats on the ink city! Ink is such a pretty color. Post pics when you get it!
  3. ooohhh CONGRATS kathym!!!! :yahoo: My first bbag was my ink city, and i truly :heart: her!!!! Post pics when your ink arrive!
  4. I have an Ink City and an Emerald City and you just couldn't miss with either of them! But Ink will go with everything. :yes:

    I can't wait to see yours and a BIG congratulations on your first Bbag!

  5. I actually got my INk City from Lisa at NM in Troy! ARe you in the area???
    So excited for you! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  6. kat, welcome to the board! I'm excited that you have enjoyed your stay here so far. Don't forget to post those beauties when they arrive!
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh a brand new Ink :drool: Lucky girl :yes:
  8. Congrats!! I wish I could find an ink...
  9. jag- yep I am a Michigan lady. I know Lisa but this one was bought from a new associate there. I walked in and saw it and that was it.
  10. Ink is one of my favorite B-Bag colors. Congrats!!!!
  11. congrats! i love ink to death. can't wait to see your pictures.
  12. WOOHOO!! Congrats, kathy!! :yahoo: :yahoo:The ink city is my favorite bbag! I can't wait to see your new beauty! :nuts:
  13. Ink is a gorgeous color!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  14. congrats~:drinks:
  15. Thank you...I always love to feel like I'm part of a group called "beautiful people." ;) Congrats on your first bbag! Did you get an Ink City or Work? I am curious since you said "Ink City Office" ... and the Work is often called the "Office."