Thank you Zacorey! The '03 Caramel City is gorgeous!

  1. I've only taken two pictures and I will definitely take more but I couldn't help myself. This bag is just so gorgeous. The color is stunning IRL and the leather is so soft and distressed. I just love carrying it. I will upload more pics soon.
    Balenciaga1.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  2. wow!! congratulations it's GORGEOUS!

    so know you know 03 leather! isn't it fantastic! I think it's so beautiful! :heart: enjoy!
  3. oh wow :heart:

    that's gorgeous! and i like the macbook too :graucho:
  4. I know I am definitely hooked. You ladies knew what you were talking about. Glad I listened. I love this forum!:yahoo:
  5. Here are a few more pictures:
    CaramelCity1.jpg CaramelCity2.jpg CaramelCity3.jpg
  6. Hahahaha. Thanks! This is my first MAC and I am having loads of fun with it. I just learned how to resize my pics, hence why I am uploading a lot right now.:graucho:
  7. OMG... FABULOUS much??? Congrats, that is a TRUE beauty!
  8. that is so pretty, congrats!
  9. ozzy, the leather is scrumptious! (and you couldn't have gotten it from a better person)
  10. Congrats OzzysMom! It's looks amazing! I :heart: the '03 leather and the pewter hardware!
  11. Oh my. :drool: That bag is simply TDF!!!! Jealous!
  12. Oh whow this is amazing! I want one right now...!
  13. lovely bag :drool: congarts =) enjooy
  14. Yummy!!:love: Congrats!
  15. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    Gorgeous!! I especially like the very first picture where its all slouched on the table beside your macbook. Bbags are just so beautiful! :heart: