Thank you YSL! My wish has been granted!

  1. Okay, I have wanted a downtown for the longest time as a carry-on bag and a purse at my destination (besides to use for other times), but my big complaint was that it didn't zip up all the way...No good for travel (for me).
    I knew of the downtown carry-ons at, but I thought they were done the same as the normal downtown, where the zips only go halfway.

    No more! It zips! :yahoo:Time to save up....

    Ladies, if you are looking for the same sort of thing.....YSL has granted our wish!
  2. :nuts:Wow! The bag is perfect!!! It even has a lock and key and luggage tag!

    I :heart: YSL !
    They have a large size, too!

  3. I just bought one of these!!!! They weren't even available at the online YSL site- I had to call new york on 57th to get it... I can't wait to use it~~

    I am going to turkey the day after xmas for two weeks... and I've already planned my entire travel outfit around the bag:smile::smile::smile: Too bad i won't be sitting first class... hahaha

    I will also carry this bag as my regular handbag... it's the small size... :smile:
  4. Great!:yahoo:How exciting! I do travel outfits too....You can feel like you belong in first class, even if you don't sit there.
    I haven't had the chance yet to check it out in real life. Let us know how you like using it for travel and a handbag! Congrats on your new YSL!
  5. OMG this is sooo cute.. there are so many girls at work with the Downtown bags, and I just want one so bad !!