Thank you, tPFers! My Bedford is in perfect shape now!

  1. Just wanna thank everyone who had shared their thoughts and ideas in this thread and helped rescue my bedford..! :yahoo:


    Special thanks to Classic Chic especially! Her method (with a little modify :p) works best for my dented bedford!

    Ok, since it had worked for mine, I'll just share the method so if there's anyone with similar problem, hope this will help. I know a dented bedford will really drive one crazy! Lol... :p

    I stuffed a plate with the same diameter size as the bedford inside it to force it back to a perfect barrel shape for 2 days. I think a plate or a jar lid would really do the trick! :yes: Then, once the dent is not so bad, I switched and stuffed it really really full using a soft pillow and after less than 5 days, the bedford is totally PERFECT..!!! :wlae: I personally think that pillow works better than t-shirt or towel coz it really takes up all the space inside the bedford. Now, whenever I don't use it, I'll use that pillow to stuff it. :yes:
  2. Fantastic news!
  3. Good tip! That's my big worry about the Bedford.
  4. Yeah~ Glad i was able to help out a bit, thanks for sharing the modified version! :yahoo:
  5. Wow! I have two Bedfords, soon to have 3; and have not had a dent, yikes!!! And, I stuff with bubble wrap and air pillows. Okay, I need to go home and take care of my babies tonight...!... I can't believe the inside lining pulls out. I don't know how that happens, cause it's calf leather... that is so not fair.. I guess I'll need to check and really stuff my Brentwood too. I always want to be careful of overstuffing... man LV is high glad I found this stuff out... thanks!
  6. that's great news!
  7. Yea, seriously, that's the problem-the lining pulls out and doesn't really stick. That's why when I stuff with t-shirts and towels, I can still feel that there's some space between the lining and the vernis. I prefer using the pillow coz it takes up all the space. But I did try with a few different pillows to find one that stuff just right. :p At first it does seem like a bit overstuffing it so gotta be really careful when stuffing and zipping. :yes:
  8. That is great info... thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for sharing..
  10. Wow forget it im not getting a bedford too high maintenance for me lol! Ill keep my pap 26 as my only round barrel bag thank you very much lol :smile:
  11. Yeah they're beautiful AND high-maintenance - go figure! I may not get another barrel bag either, since I'm a slob and throw my stuff around.
  12. Yea, they are slightly more high maintenance than mono and damier but IMO, they are definitely worth it..! They are just too gorgeous to resist..! :love: :p I actually love mine more than I expected.
  13. Hooray!
  14. Thanks! I stuffed my babies last night, but with towels and soft tee shirts, really tight, it was all I had:confused1:, I can't feel the lining separate like you said, but I think you might have just saved me $1200 from not buying that Amarante Bedford... that totally blows.. but, thank GOD I found out. I depend on you all cause I don't live near LV and could never take it in to find out what's going on. I will also talk to SA's when I go visit LV boutique on vacation this month... thanks again! Will begin the search for the right pillows. Those neck cylinder shaped ones would be great if we can find the right size!

    Thanks again!
  15. ^^ Can you take into LV and have them repaired if lining does come apart? I plan on having them for the rest of my they were a major investment... geesh, maybe I should get that damier pap instead of another Bedford...