Thank you, tPF!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I just wanted to share that I have been apart from my fiance for three and a half months now and he is finally coming here on Sunday, 17th December!!:yahoo:

    ...and I could not have done it without the tPF! Everytime I got lonely and sad I just went on tPF to distract myself and it worked wonders!!! All the lovely people on tPF made waiting sooo much easier!:yes:

    So I just wanted to say: Thanks ladies and tPF for being there!:yes:
  2. :biggrin: I'm glad that you two are going to be togehter again!! :smile: But still stay around and talk to us after he gets there!
  3. Thank you, Ladystara!!:flowers: And I will definitely stay around!:yes:
  4. That is wonderful that you two will be together again! I love it here as well and have found everyone so friendly.
  5. Yeah! and congrats on the upcoming reunion!
  6. Hooray!! You must be so excited!
  7. Yayyyy!
  8. Yay, you are going to be with him, but I hope you still continue talking to us! This place is really wonderful!
  9. Thank you, ladies!!:yes: I am soooo excited!:yahoo:
  10. That is soo exciting!!!! Vlad and I used to do tons of time apart and I def found comfort here!! Enjoy your long awaited reunion!

  11. Awww, thank you Megs!:yes:
  12. Will you have to be apart again or is this it??

    What was he gone for??

    I bet you are so excited!! :love: Do you have your outfit ready for his arrival?? :graucho:
  13. That is so exciting! Stay around, we love having you here!

  14. Only one month after he leaves and then we'll be back to living together again (which we did for 3 years before I came here:smile: )

    I am gone for my internship here in NY so I am to blame for the seperation but it was such a good opportunity...:shame:

    I actually went shopping for a new outfit yesterday because I was getting so excited- I see you've been there, Megs:yes:

  15. Thank you, Coachlover! I certainly will!:flowers: