Thank you TPF!

  1. I was playing a role playing game on the web and I ended up getting SO seemed that for every other part of the forum or for any little thing I had to 'make a donation to become a preferred member' - to increase my inbox, to put in an avatar or animated signature....

    So I would like to thank Vlad and Megs above all else for keeping this forum free for ALL of us, and for not even MENTIONING donations or preferred memberships. We're all equal here and have access to the same services regardless of who and what we are. This is something I think we take for granted and don't appreciate much, and only note it when we come across another site and get annoyed at not being able to access all of it without paying some $$.

    Thank you.
  2. We actually had a donations page up early on, but then decided that it was the best to keep all features free.

    Thanks for the kind words! :yahoo:
  3. What a great point-- and I agree! This forum is so amazing and to be *free* on top of that is just... wow. By far the best there is!! Yay for tPF, thank you so much!!! :tpfrox:
  4. LOL, I agree Merika!
    We've actually begged Vlad to let us donate and I could never figure out why he didn't seem to interested. . . seeing how much people appreciate not being nickel and dimed explains it!
    Almost every Forum I've been on solicits. . . it IS nice here not to be solicited!

    YEA for Vlad and Megs!!!:yahoo:
  5. I totally agree. It is a wonderful place and it is truly great that we are not solicited for donations.

    Thank you SO much Megs and Vlad!
  6. V & M rock! :tup:
  7. thank you!
  8. So agree Merika, great post, thanks Vlad & Megs! :tpfrox:
  9. Thanks for this thread!! I know Vlad and I work really hard here, but we rely on other ads to pay the hosting bills etc, and I really do not want anyone to ever feel like they need to pay money to belong here. This is a free forum and will always be!!!
  10. Great post Merika! I agree!
  11. tPF rocks!!!! I too agree with you, Merika!

    Thanks for everything so far, V & M. :love:
  12. Thanks Megs and Vlad!


    I wish I could donate :smile: tPF is awesome!
  13. This forum is the only one that I belong, so it never occurred to me about that other forums would solicit donations. I certain do appreciate this free resource. I read through so many of the sub-forums and found everything to be such a great resource. Thanks a lot! :tup:
  14. Thanks!!
  15. Just wanted to say thank you Megs & Vlad for giving us a virtual place to "live."