Thank you tPF; What a deal on my new bag.

  1. This blog is just marvelous; if it wasn't for the deals and steals catagory and the Chloe segments I would have NEVER found the bag that's in my hot little hands now. I was directed to Intermix (a web page I've never heard of) found this 07 bag; received the promo code for a discount and snagged this beauty for 900 dollars (600 less than eBay and AR).

    I was so excited all last night I could barely sleep knowing my new medium Chloe Pocket Paddington was going to arrive in the morning. Sure enough my favorite delivery man Mr. UPS came with the coveted package. My heart lurching.

    The taupe is genuinely OLIVE/GOLD breathtaking, canceling the need for an ecru bag (even hard for me to believe). This fool purse looks fabulous with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, even my the Summer outfits (I'm stunned; THANKS NAT!).

    I'm so happy I returned the AR Creme/Flesh purse...Here's what's odd, AR's bag was harder and layed differently. This one is smooshier and lays very, very nice. A prior post said that these olive, leather bags were the best she has seen in the 07 leather. From my limited experience she is right.:nuts:

    One minor concern (I think?). There is NO serial leather tag on the inside of the purse like the older models. I have Intermix's tag and the Chloe card but nothing else with a serial number connected to the bag?

    Experts? What do you think? Will you check your Pocket Paddingtons?
  2. Pics!!!
  3. Ahh! You got the one I want!! I'm jealous!! Can't wait to see pics, Congrats!!!
  4. If you search older threads, you will find that not all Chloé bags (and wallets) have the serial code leather piece. Post a pic of your new bag! I love hearing of you and your sister's treasured finds!!!
  5. Well - here I am packing to leave and I can't even tear myself away from the computer and what do I read??? (On PF and not even a private email!!) Susie gets her PURSE!:yahoo: Thank goodness it is something you are crazy about after all that angsting. And of all things - it IS an unusual color with the olive/khaki undertones that I suspected - AND NOT tan! Now you can break away from your off white/ecru/light brown/eggshell/taupe/coffee with a dab of cream fixation and get a purse in a COLOR next time! I can't wait to see it!!! Both of us need to take pictures of everything. Maybe even together! - LOL!:drinks:
    Oh - and I decided not to take the eBay plunge just yet on that blue python Silverado. Something tells me my new bank account wouldn't recover too well from additional plundering. Gotta pace it....
  6. Congrats on your new bag it's beautiful!

    Now about this intermix code, please share :smile:
  7. Sparkledust,

    The intermix code I was able to utilize on 02/01 was welcome0131.

    I place my order a day late when I read about this code. When I received confirmation on shipment I emailed Intermix's customer service people and asked for the additional 10 percent discount.....even though I was off with the timing.

    A Laura Meitzner wrote back and said she would honor the code 'late' but once that code was implimented I could NOT return the bag? Wait I thought? I couldn't return the purse anyway, it was on sale??

    Soooo as it turns out, some Chloe's that were shipped from Intermix had Issues from being on the floor too long and people were complaining about "store used" bags; so IM was honoring returns for those type of bags but only w/o the code?? BTW my bag was flawless than GOD.
    (a little FYI here folks)...

    Anyway, if you want to but a bag and have the discount call Laura Meitzner at 212-741-5075 ext. 268. I'm providing a coveted phone number because as you notice on the webpage there is none...which frustrated me to no end.
  8. Thanks so much for getting back to me Susie, I have my eye on that red Betty, but after taxes and shipping it's going to still be almost 1k. I'm not sure I love it enough to justify the price.

    I'm so glad your bag was pristine- that always worries me on a final sale bag. I know you're really going to enjoy your new bag, it's such a perfect neutral and of all the bags Chloe makes- my favorite is the paddington.

  9. Sparkle my sister got that black betty (BTW I THINK THAT RED BETTY IS DROP DEAD; I almost considered it....Did you read that Nat!! <LOL>) anyway it was that purse that nudged me to buy the small chain Betty on BG. Now sis returned her black bag because she felt it was too heavy however in the looks dept I think it's a real winner, especially that raspberry red.
  10. Eucalyptic you are such a soldier in the Chloe, let's try to find a bag dept. You truly make dreams happen with your incredible sluthing. Anyway thanks for giving me a heads up on the tag. The leather is so soft and buttery I couldn't imagine it being a fake, however I was concerned.

    I really hope you get your illusive Chloe or one that you have 'no idea' is the bag. Those buggers can sneak up and you. :jammin:
  11. I am very close to getting that bag!!! Don't read what's written on my signature, bag ban out the window when this baby appears! :yahoo:

    In the meantime, I take pleasure in stalking department stores and online retailers even if I'm not buying anything so I can post it here. I feel so much better knowing I am not alone! HA! :roflmfao: