Thank you tPF moderators!

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  1. This is the 5th forum I've ever belonged to. They ranged from Mommy forums, Soap Opera forums (:shame: ); the industry I work in forums.... anyway all those other joints got brutal and ugly with lots of verbal attacks, politcal stances, moral d******, IOW depressing.

    I LOVE IT HERE because we're polite and repectful and in our world today that's decreasing at an alarming rate.

    Thank you moderators for doing a fabulous job at this joint. Much appreciated on my end!!:heart:
  2. Thank you! We appreciate you very kind words. But really, it is because of our incredible members that make this place so amazing! So thank you to everyone for making my job easy, and for keeping tPF so addictive!:p
  3. I'll echo this shout out.

    I have never belonged to a forum (would have scoffed at the idea) until I landed with the cool Chloe crew last year after a tussle with Bluefly over a non-paddy paddington.

    tPF mods and members have set the bar for a wonderful online experience!!!

  4. Agree!!! :yes: I'm so happy to be in this forum!! Thank you everybody: Moderators and members!!!:p
  5. The mods TCB here which rocks! I also find most everyone to be sweethearts! Somehow whatever formula we have in this forum just works.
  6. Agreed with everything said. This forum is really good because the mods are doing a great job and people are being *polite* towards each other.
  7. I've never belonged to any other forum but this one. so I have no idea what goes on outside tPF. I LOVE IT here!! AND Thanks to everyone who makes it happen!!!
  8. This is the only forum I belong to and I love it.
  9. I :heart: tPF Mods!
  10. me too
  11. I agree, thank you mods for doing such a great job! :yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Count me in! This is such a great place to browse because of everyone, especially the mods!
  13. Believe me, all boards are not created equal--this one rocks! :rochard: Thank, mods and fellow board members for a refreshing change of pace.
  14. Yeah thanks mods and everyone for making this such a friendly and warm place to be!!! I have been on many forums before and this is by far, the most orderly and polite discussion board! Some of them tend to have little "groups" led by moderators that exclude people, so it's great that everyone on here gets treated equally and with respect :smile:

    I'm so proud to be a tPF member! :heart:
  15. *group hug*

    This is the best forum I've belonged too !