Thank you to PF Creators & Mods!

  1. Since I found you guys less than 3 months ago, I feel like there is always a round table of girlfriends to come chat with on breaks at work...and working in an industry that is super male-oriented, it's soooo nice to come chitchat about MY favorite stuff!

    I just wanted to send a big thank you to the creators and moderators of the PF - I know how difficult it is to keep a community online actually functioning successfully AND positively!

    so thank you. HUGS!!!
  2. You're most welcome hun. Too bad ya'll still haven't figured out the real purpose of it all...

    Your souls are mine! :devil:

  3. hehe :lol:
  4. lololll@vlad
  5. Thanks to Vlad and Megs!! :yes: Just by joining TPF, I have spent more $ on bags in the past six months than I have my entire life!! :whistle: Also, I have a posse of handbag loving gfs who not only share my enthusiam, but have an endless array of knowledge!! :heart: :heart: