Thank you to Donnalynn- a beautiful heart Coachie

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  1. My Coach Angel who sent me the BCRF Coach heart charm with a message saying I gotta have heart. You have given me a good luck charm! I heard from the bad trip hospital today that they are going to reimburse me for $250 of my trip. Maybe the copies of the emails that HR person sent to me describing the purpose of the this last trip that I sent to her after our phone conversation helped. i dunno but I am very glad that I get something back.


    I got invited on an interview for another hospital in the MD/DC area today and they are paying for the trip :tup::yes: I should find out tomorrow when I am going. Plus I have leads on a couple of more places in the area that I know are hiring and are interested in me.

    I will post a pic of my charm tomorrow (camera battery is dead). It's a nice complement to my BCRF Coach keyfob. Plus it's PINK!

    Thank you SO much sweetie! :heart: :flowers:
  2. :tup:Go Donnalynn!!!:tup:
    Glad to hear that things are looking up for you tanukiki!!!:yes:
  3. Donnalynn, you are such a sweetie!

    And tanukiki, I am so, so glad to hear that things seem to be turning around for you! :flowers:
  4. ROCK!!!!
  5. Very sweet of you DonnaLynn11!

    OP- that is good to hear. A friend on the job market got a dear john letter saying she wasn't invited for an interview and the position was in the process of being filled, but SHE was already interviewed and waiting to hear. Turns out it was a mistake BUT before she heard that another place that was HIGH on her list called for an interview....

    I always say "when one door closes...."

    Best of luck on the interview.
  6. Awh donnalynn strikes again with her thoughtfulness! How sweet! I'm so glad things are turning to the brightside for you tanukiki!!! Good luck with everything! I have that charm too and it is sooooooo adorable you will love it! Show us what bag you decide to put it on too!
  7. Donna is sooo sweet!

    I am so glad you are getting reimbursed for your trip! Best of luck on your next interview!
  8. That was so sweet of her! I am so happy they decided to at least reimburse you a little and good luck on your other interviews!!!
  9. Awww Donnalynn is the sweetest thing ever! :tender:
    Donnalynn.. this is just for you! :rochard: :rochard: :rochard:
    Good Luck Jenn, knock em' dead! :boxing:
  10. Donnalynn, you're like the TPF Guardian Angel.
  11. Donnalynn did it again! Honestly, I think she's an angel. Very big heart! :flowers::flowers::flowers::
  12. is that a hook'em longhorns I see???
  13. It's good to know there are people like Donnalynn. Jen, I am glad they reimbursed you and that you have some good leads.:flowers:
  14. :smile: aww I love hearing about these awesome ROAKS!
  15. Very sweet, Donnalynn - you are so considerate!!! Good luck Jenn - maybe this is the job that you were meant to have. You'll do great!