Thank you to a VERY special Coachie!

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  1. I love lots of y'all on here but someone went out of her way to add a smile to my face. A true RAOK and I am not even in the RAOK this time. I want to thank Voodoo for sending a sweet gift. She (and her daughter) sent a box with two candles- Warm Apple Pie and Hazelnut Creme (and OH do they smell DIVINE!) to "light up" my day, a push pop for each of the boys, a nice card, and the best thing- a very sweet handwritten note from her daughter. Thank you SO much Voodoo! And thanks to everyone who has pm-ed me. Y'all have really touched my heart :shame::flowers:


  2. That was very sweet!
  3. Awww!!!! How sweet you are, Voodoo!!!! You deserve it, Jenn!
  4. Awwww, that is so sweet!
  5. Oh I love to read stuff like this!!! That was so sweet, and you are so deserving of the kindness.
  6. AWWW how sweet of them!! I love ROAK's :love:
  7. how sweet! There are so many sweet tpf'ers here and are so caring and loving.
  8. Very sweet!!! How is your DH doing??
  9. how sweet! Everyone on here is so great! :girlsigh:
  10. Decent. He's in a bit of pain but on some pretty good pain pills. He got on the computer at his brothers and we were IM-ing each other during lunch time today. He was cracking me up because he almost never gets on line and doesn't know the abbreviations like LOL and KWIM. So I would give him one and he would guess what it meant. Some of them had me rolling on the floor.
  11. Aw! I love tPF! That's so sweet :tender:
  12. How about "HIBANC" (Honey, I bought a new Coach). :graucho:
  13. I am glad he is recovering well and IMing you and making you laugh. That's a great DH right there :heart: and you are a great wife :love:
  14. :yahoo: so happy to hear your DH is doing well! and hooray for RAOKs!
  15. Yes Voodoo is the Best:yahoo:...I hope everything works out for you :smile: