Thank you Tikilove81

  1. I can not believe the amount of help and support that comes from the board. I was looking for the shoulder legacy in pond and found out from my store and cs that it is gone, sold out and not coming back. Only way to get it is if some store still has it. Well I posted on here and tikilove81 saw my post, knew of a store that had it, called them and had it held till I could call (which I did asap). It was in FL but I do not care, they honored my pce and are shipping it tomorrow. I was not suppose to shop till August but I was not letting it get away. I will just spend less in August at the outlet. :yahoo::party::tpfrox:
  2. yay!!! I'm so glad you found one.
  3. I think I will be stalking the fedex guy until it gets here, I am sooo excited and the first people I thought of to share it with was you girls.
  4. I'm also so glad it wasn't the one in texas that I returned!!

    PLEASE post pics as soon as you get it!!!!!!
  5. I am sooo happy you got it!!!!!!!!!!! Thats awesome!!!!
  6. That's so awesome... everyone is so nice here!:tender:
  7. Don't you just love it when you find something that you really, really want and everyone has told you that there is none to be found. That makes you want it even more. I am so glad that you got it. You have to be
    so excited!!
  8. That's great! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. Hooray for you! That's what makes coming to TPF so much fun. You will love that bag - post your pics!
  10. Look! Look! Look!! Were twins!! I just got mine last week!! Woooohooooo!! Congrats!:tup::yahoo:
    Ebay Pics 316.jpg
  11. Congrats. So glad you were able to get one. It is a stunning bag!
  12. that is sooo awesome of tiki!!!!

    yay for the sisterhood of the coach!!!!
  13. beautiful bag and congrats on the find
  14. Awe, how wonderful of her!! I'm so glad you're getting this bag! I'm obsessed with my pond shoulder!!!!!
  15. Hooray for TPF'ers!! You will love your Pond bag!! They are gorgeous :tup: