Thank you SO much AliWantsNss and missaudrie and oopsididitagain!!!

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  1. :love:I fell in love with the metallic carly and started selling bags on ebay to save up for her... the only thing I didn't like was the brass; I wanted nickel hardware! BUT THEN!!!!!! AliWantsNss showed her BEAUTIFUL collection and hidden in one of her pics was a GORGEOUS silver metallic belted bag with nickel hardware!!!

    Thanks to Ali for posting the pics and sharing the style number with me and for missaudrie on the Coach Shopping threads for finding me one on ebay!!!!! I made her mine and now I have some pics to show you :love::love:! She is nice and big and slouchy and soft and OH I could just go on and on! Thank you again ladies for helping me find an AMAZING bag and thanks to oopsididitagain for finding me the wristlet which I bought today and should be arriving soon! :graucho:

    Without further ado....

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  2. And here are some modeling pics... I'm 5'6'' and uh er plus sized :yes: and I apologize for the dusty/streaky/whatever is looking weird in the mirror!

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  3. oh great bag...enjoy
  4. ooooooooooooh that is pretty :love:

    Umm.. I may have to copy you.

    it looks GREAT on you too! Congrats!!
  5. YOU GOT IT...CONGRATS! Its a gorgeous bag, gotta love that slouch! Glad I was able to help :smile:
  6. Oh I love the silhouette of that bag! I have a Fendi chef bag that has a similar shape and it fits a ton with out looking bulky.

    I have never seen that style in Coach before. What is the name of the bag and the price? Is it from this season?

    Your bag is beautiful! Congrats! :yes:
  7. Super cute! Congrats!!
  8. Wow she is beautiful!!! Congrats on finding a bag that you love, she looks wonderful on you!!! :yes::tup:
  9. Thank you!!! I will enjoy it so much, but now it has to stop snowing and raining so I don't ruin her!!!
    Awww thanks! I copied someone else so yeah, go for it! There's one on ebay right now but there is only one picture posted so I'm not sure if it is authentic but here is the link....

    I'm seriously SO thankful, I can't stop looking at it! :hugs:
  10. Thanks! What is a 'chef bag'?? :confused1: I don't know the "actual" name of it but it is some sort of pleated, belted, metallic hobo thing? Haha and the style number is 8B33; it is from 2006 if the NoB06S before the dash is correct with the "06". I paid $215 for it....I don't know what the retail is/was? You might ask AliWantsNss (?)

    Thanks!!!! :smile:

    Awww thank you, I hate posting modeling pics but thank you for the compliment! I like that it is a pretty big bag so it doesn't look too small on me ;)
  11. What a pretty bag! I prefer the nickel hardware as well! Enjoy!
  12. that is a fabulous bag! Looks fantastic on you! I'm so glad you got it especially since you love it so much!!!!
  13. Oh congrats!! I had this exact same bag but I sold it last year!!! I still kept the wristlet though...same belted design on it.
  14. I have this bag also and love it. Hope you enjoy it!:tup:
  15. That bag is so beautiful! Congrats!