Thank you Restricter, Hubby and Off 5th!

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  1. #1 Feb 25, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
    Let me start by saying a big Thank You to all who inspired, encouraged and helped me search for my emerald earrings.

    About a year and a half ago I fell in love with these Temple Saint Clair Elena Earrings. I first noticed them in a jewelry case at Off Fifth. The price was $3500. I watched them, hoping the price would drop, for almost a year. After a year of hoping for a price drop, they seemed to have sold.

    Around February 3rd, 6 months after they have vanished, these earring reappeared in Off Fifth's cases. These earrings were vastly discounted, now $1399.00 with an additional 40% off (final price $900), and potentially in my grasp. I just needed to discuss with hubby. After 5 days of talking, he told me I can go buy them. I went to the store, and they were sold. I was very disappointed. I spent the next 2 weeks checking the cases hoping they would return. During this two week period, I read Restricter's thread. She said she had visited 3 different Off 5th locations. Her thread gave me the idea to ask the store to search other locations. On Friday, after 1/2 an hour working with a wonderful sales associate, I was able to purchase the last pair in the company. I received them in the mail today, and I am in love.

    The earrings I purchased are the same as the link below (sorry I am not able to post pictures at the moment). Original retail was $5500. My total, including tax and shipping came to abot $910.00. Thank you for letting me share.
  2. Wow, great story. High 5 you, for being persistent.
    Ear rings are very pretty
  3. Thank you!
  4. Gorgeous, and a coup of a price!:woohoo:
  5. Gorgeous earrings and fantastic price - they were meant to be yours. Congrats!
  6. Really beautiful earrings and what a steal! Congrats. :smile:

    Posting a pic for you because I initially had problems following the link on my iPad

  7. They're beautiful! They have a regal look to them and a modern edge. How exciting to find them and at such a great discount, makes it that much more enjoyable. Wear them in good health!
  8. Thank you for the compliment! It was a long wait, but definately worth the savings :smile:

    Thank you so much! I was so excited to get the last pair. They were definately waiting for me in Nashville ( shipped to NJ).

    Thank you! I was very happy to see the Fedex truck arrive with my package.

    Btw- thank you for adding the picture.

    Thank you! I love how they have a bit of sparkle but still can be worn daily.
  9. Congrats! They are beautiful.
  10. Excellent! Congratulations! Persistance does pay off -- a great bargain, too. That makes it even sweeter!
  11. They're very pretty!
  12. The are gorgeous! Congratulations! The price you bought them for is a real steal. Can't wait to see your pics :smile:
  13. Wow! Congratulations! It´s the best feeling to catch such a beautiful bargain!!!
  14. Congrats on your great bargain (I love a great bargain😉)! And these are beautiful. I definitely admire your discipline and will power!
  15. wow!!! what an amazing deal and gorgeous earrings!