Thank you notes?

  1. To go along with my other thread about what I feel is a general lack of consideration for your fellow human being nowadays-haha! let's talk about thank you notes .

    Do you get them? Do you send them? And, what I really want to know, do you have yours kids send them?

    Now that my younger son is in school, we spend lots of weekends going to birthday parties. We always bring a gift of course, and I have to say, only get thank you notes, cards, emails from about half the kids.

    What happened to ackowledging the fact that someone put thought and money into buying you something? I know parents have busy lives nowadays, I do too, but, are their lives so busy that they can't teach their children what I think is a very basic, very necessary part of being a considerate, non self centered human being?

    After my son's birthday party this December, every single person who sent or brought him a gift received a thank you note from him and, the gift was sepcifically mentioned too (ie: Thanks for the Scrabble Jr, I love word games). What is wrong with society??
  2. I live in Hawaii where there's a strong Asian influence. It is looked at as rude not to give thank you cards and thank you gifts. You would be surprised at the things I get thank you notes and gifts for. It is a never-ending cycle sometimes. I have a 10 year old and 1 year old. The 10 year old is expected to write thank you notes at xmas and at his bday. I do the same for the baby.
  3. I posted a thread about this a long time ago. We have been to approximately five weddings in three years and only two people wrote thank you notes. One of the people who didn't was my husband's nephew and we gave him and his wife a very large sum of money as a gift. My Mom has complained that no one writes them anymore either. I always do.
  4. My philosophy of sending TY notes is this: If I am handed the gift, I say thank you (or make my daugther who is three) say it. If I receive it in the mail, I send a note.

    I sometimes get them and sometimes don't. My sister (who was raised by wolves) NEVER sends them or makes her kids send them. Sometimes, my sister doesn't even SAY thank you for a gift. But she is a really self centered person and I have grown kind of used to this behavior. My mother never taught us to acknowledge gifts. But I do it myself and will teach my children to do it. My other sister usually does but this year, I just the other day got a 'thank you email'. Kinda tacky but I have missed an occasional note to her. In fact, with close family, I usually thank them over the phone but my sister and I had a falling out so we rarely talk on the phone anymore.
    I send notes to my inlaws usually. But sometimes even the adults don't thank us for a gift.
  5. My kid sends them. At least, he sends them under pressure.
  6. ^^ :roflmfao:

    Yes, i find this with adults also. There are 2 weddings I can think of that we have attended and brought a gift and never received a thank you for. And, one of those people is my husband's cousin. Drives me nuts!
  7. My mom used to make us write thank you notes. It got to the point where we weren't allowed to play until we wrote them! It was a good lesson to learn. I send thank you notes a lot. I think they're a nice touch and I love having cute stationery!
  8. I haven't really needed to send any...a couple years ago I sent alot of thank you cards out to everyone that sent me a gift for graduation. Thats about the only time, but if I receive the gift in person I say "thank you" then. The only other time I would send them out is when I get married (not anytime soon lol).
  9. Do I get them? No.

    Do I send them? Depends...Most of the times, no. If a friend or family member gets me something for the baby, I try to write a little diddy on one of my notecards to send - but a lot of the times...I just don't have time, but I do thank them graciously when receiving the gift!
  10. ^^OK-I can go for that.

    But, what about in cases where there is no in person thank you? Again, the birthday parties we go to there is usually a table to put the gifts. The kids do not open the gifts at the party-they are taken home to be opened there. Maybe I am just an old fashioned gal at heart!
  11. You're not old fashioned. If someone gives me a gift, I thank them verbally and ALWAYS write them a thank you note. It is just common courtesy in my world, anyway - and it sounds like in yours, too.

    As my grandma always said, "nice matters".

    Also a note to parents: I know that I have stopped sending gifts to young children in my extended family because we don't receive an acknowlegment of the gift. No phone call, thank you note, nothing. It is a shame that the kids are suffering because the parents are too lazy to teach them common courtesy, but that's the way it goes.... so if you are not a thank you note writer yourself, try to encourage your kids to do that so they can still get the goodies.
  12. I always send them and make my kids do the same....I rarely get them!! My daughter will go to B-Day parties and 1 out of 10 will send them..Makes me not want to buy anything for anybody!!
  13. The only time I have ever sent a thank you card was for my wedding. We simply never did it growing up.
  14. I've stopped buying for children of extended family members for this reason. The parents know better, but are too lazy.
  15. Well, it's never too late to start ! :yes: