Thank You notes?

  1. Has anyone here ever gotten a thank you note in the mail from Coach? I just bought a Scarf Print Tote about a week ago and got a thank you note in the mail today. I have bought many bags, and never got a note before. It was very nice, just surprising:yes: .
  2. Yup..there was a thread on this a while back...some claim its whenever its a certain dollar amount...but I've gotten them when its way less than that...and I've gotten them from stores I've never shopped at before...and never from my home store...
  3. Whoopsie...I did a search before making the thread, but nothing came up:shame: .

    Thanks for responding:flowers: .
  4. i don't think it's a dollar amount at all. i just think it's the store/salesperson.

    i got a thank you note when i bought my sig. satchel and my pleated hobo, but didn't get one when i bought my hamptons weekend tote. and keep in mind i bought my satchel in a different state.
  5. I have gotten thank you notes before many times. All the sales girls at my local Coach store are really nice so maybe that is the reason. :smile:
  6. I've gotten a thank you note a couple times. Everytime I go almost.
  7. Man, I *never* get thank you notes, even though the salespeople at my local store are so nice and know my face. Ah, well. Maybe some day!
  8. Not me but I have never shopped at the Coach store itself, only at the outlets.