Thank You Notes

  1. I was wondering if everyone receives thank you notes after shopping at their boutique. Do you recieve one after every purchase? After big purchases? Never? Do you ever send a thank you note to your SA for his/her help?

    I got a thank you note only once from LV, it was from a new SA at the larger boutique in our mall (we have a counter at Saks that I shop at 99% of the time), unforunately she only worked there a short time after accepting a teaching job elsewhere. I've always gotten thank you notes from Gucci, Coach, Cole Haan, even the lady that helped my BF open his Saks credit card!

    I guess I'm kind of bummed out that I haven't received a thank you note lately. In the last two weeks I've spend almost $4000. The SA's were always very sweet and helpful when I'm in the store (well aside from one but I don't buy from her anyways). They know me by name and are very kind. I usually buy from the same SA whenever I've been in lately. That's just my mini-vent I guess, I love little things like thank you notes. They are just simple but knowing someone took the effort and thought of you always makes you feel special and brightens up your day!
  2. if ti makes you feel any better ive never ever in my life recieved a thank you note from anyone!
  3. I've gotten them from occasional purchases from Saks and charge send purchases from other stores. A couple times I've gotten them from the store but not after every purchase, no.
    I don't really know how they decide when to send cards or not lol.
  4. I always get thank you notes...
  5. The SA at Nordies sends me notes. I take it with a grain of salt. It's all in the spirit of getting you to come back and spend more $$$!
  6. I Always Get A Thank You. When An SA Goes Out Of Their Way For Me....I Send One.
  7. I had the most sweetest SA who I would always do charge sends from (unfortunately she transferred stores :sad:) and everytime she sends me my stuff, she would include a sweet thank-you note.

    I always think about writing thank-you notes to sweet SAs and I even go as far as getting the cards but somehow I never manage to sit myself down to write it even though it takes less than 5 mins. Argh, I'm trying!
  8. Never ever received thank you note from any SA:shocked: I'm aussie by the way just wondering if they (aus LV) send thank you notes?
  9. up until recently, i never got thank you notes from LV.. but as of late, i've gotten one for nearly every time i shop. and i always got one from gucci, coach, and burberry.
  10. I also get really nice thank you notes. I love sending them too!!! Pm me your address and I will send you one!!! lol
  11. ive received thank you notes twice.
  12. I receive thank you notes when I buy from SAs whom I've never bought from before. This usually happens when I'm at LV and my SA isn't in, so I just buy from any SA I see.
  13. I think that's what happens to me too, because my usual SA doesn't send cards, but SAs I've never even talked to/bought from before, do. They're probably hoping they'll get you to deal with them again the next time you buy something.
  14. ^^Yeah...little do they know, we already have our fave SAs! :yes:
  15. i got one when i bought speedy and another one from the SA at nordstrom when i bought a new jeans wardrobe. that's it though...but those are also the only big purchases i've ever made. heh.