Thank you NIZLAY. Finally..... something in Ottone.....

  1. Yes, a huge thank you to TPF'er nizlay. :heart: to you nizlay, you're a gem. Not once, but twice, you alerted me to this bag on eBay and I finally got it.

    History - some of you may remember I bought this Zipper-bag (that's the name I gave to this model) in Ebano in April this year. Love it, and most of all, DH loves it too. Unfortunately, there were some leather and dye problems which I could not accept but have to return it. That was the only piece in Singapore. I then got he Roma instead.

    I've always wanted something in Ottone. So, again, thanks to nizlay, such a caring TPF'er and remembering my laments, alerted me to a brand new Ottone Zipper-bag !

    I'm posting pics of the previous bag in Ebano to give those who have not read my earlier thread an idea of the bag. Also, as I just received the bag this evening, and being in Ottone which is best captured in natural light, I do not have a pic of the bag yet, but am posting the one from eBay. I hope eBay seller, leshent, does not mind me using HIS photo of (now) MY bag ;). (Mods, pls remove if this is inappropriate). This is my first eBay transaction and I was full of apprehension initially. Thanks to nizlay, and to all who put in assuring words on leshent, my first eBay experience has been wonderful. I believe the Ottone Zipper-bag hardly made it to our shores.

    Having not seen Ottone IRL, I was afraid it would be a little loud for day use. And as most Ottone owners assured me, it's perfect for day. So unique and I just love the different gold tones on the weaving. I couldn't stop stroking and making out all the gold specks and tones on the weave.

    Thank you to all my dear fellow TFP'ers whose opinions and advices were invaluable in helping me in making up my mind on this purchase on eBay. Know what, I paid almost 55% cheaper than what I had paid for the Ebano from the BV boutique! Huge savings!

    Thanks for letting me share.
    BV-1.jpg BV-2.jpg BV-Ottone.jpg
  2. mlbags: the ottone is gorgeous - it must really look even better in the sunlight. do you know if it's available in any other designs, e.g. veneta or montaigne? that would be to die for!
  3. Wow, ML bags I was so checking this bag out on ebay, TWICE! The only thing that didn't make me go for it was that it wasn't really a shoulder bag. Can you get it on your shoulder comfortably, please post some action pics!!!
  4. What a great story! Three cheers for Nizlay!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm so pleased you got your Ottone bag! It looks fabulous in Leshents pic - can't wait to see your pics!!!! :heart:
  5. Congrats on your gorgeous ottone piece. She is oh so lovely - can't wait for action pics :yahoo:
  6. mlbags I am so excited for you for owning a piece that you have wanted for so long. congratulations and I am sure you will love the ottone. it's indeed one of a kinda color. :tup:
  7. Gorgeous bag! I love it!
  8. :drool::drool:

    so beautiful, I hadn't seen this style before and I really like it! I like the way the shape hangs on your arm too, and you can't go wrong with such a stunning color.

    A+ all around, amazing purchase :woohoo:
  9. Oh, I was waiting for this thread! I remember when you were deliberating over this bag. It is so beautiful in ottone, and I am so glad you finally got it!
  10. beautiful bag..the color is gorgeous! show us some action pics if you can! :graucho:
  11. mlbags-congrats on the ottone zipper bag. have seen it irl and it is really great. enjoy.
  12. Wonderful ~ I'm so happy for you to finally get this bag!!
  13. Congrats! I really love this style. So ladylike and elegant. In fact, I've been drooling over your older thread with your previous Ebano version for a couple of months, lol. Every now and then, one of these style bags pops up on Bluefly or Ebay, and I'm very interested in getting one myself. Enjoy your new bag. :drinkup:
  14. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!:yahoo:

    The Ottone is really TDF...this is a keeper for sure.
    By the looks of the action shot with your previous one, this should suit you beautifully too.:yes:

    And, three cheers for nizlay too for being so wonderful...hip, hip, hooray!:party:
  15. Wow, mlbags, another classy purchase from an elegant lady! I can imagine you as one of those ladies whom my DH coins "woman" (what he defines as ladies who have an air of elegance and class as opposed to those who are merely pretty/cute/sweet. Eg of "woman" are Carina Lau, Gong Li, Jackie O, Grace Kelly). Ottone is TDF. Can't wait to see more pics, esp action ones! Congrats again!

    Well done nizlay! :flowers: