Thank you New York Sales Associates!!! Appreciation Thread

  1. I created this thread in appreciation of all the sales associates who made my Thanksgiving weekend shopping spree fabulous! I feel like sales associates get a bad rap and have a reputation for being rude. Although I only purchased items at Balenciaga, Barney's and Christian Louboutin, I went to many designer boutiques and a sales associate greeted me within 30 seconds of entering. They were all very kind and helpful. The ONLY place with rude sales associates was the NORTH FACE store!! We were there for an hour without a SINGLE SA offering to help. At Hermes, no less than three people greeted me. Same at Chanel and Chloe, and all the other boutiques.

    I was so impressed with the high level of customer service. I wanted to give all the high-end stores' sales associates a shout out because I feel like I'm always hearing horror stories about them. They have the reputation of being snobby but I didn't see that at all. So here's a thread for recognition of how friendly you all are!