Thank you, Mailman...It Came - Just Now!!

  1. YIPPY!!!! The mail just came and my Legacy Stripe Fold-Over Wristlet (my latest eBay purchase) is HERE!!!:yahoo: It is GORGEOUS and is much bigger than I expected. I am SO GLAD I decided to get THIS ONE instead of the regular stripe wristlet!!!! It is TDF :heart:with my Turquoise Ergo Tote. I am COMPLETE now! :p HeeHee
    IMG_2238.JPG IMG_2239.JPG IMG_2247.JPG IMG_2248.JPG IMG_2249.JPG
  2. Beautiful! I have been trying to decide what I want to use with my new turq ergo tote and I was leaning toward that and even more now after seeing yours.
  3. Gorgeous wristlet!! Congrats!!
  4. very nice! Congrats!
    May I ask how much you got it for?
  5. Sure...I won it for $71!!!! :yahoo:I think that's the second lowest price one has gone for on eBay. Most of the others have BINs of at least $100!!! Plus, I was very specific about the striping pattern on it - I wanted the punch/magenta and the pond stripe. There are lots of different stripe patterns out there!!
  6. very cute, and great buy!!! :tup:
  7. :wtf: That was a great deal!!!!

    And it looks beautiful w/your turq tote!

    I had to have some legacy stripe accessories to go with my new goodies.....

    I love legacy stripe. :heart:
  8. Congrats! :yahoo: That is a TDF combo! :drool: I like how your wristlet has the punch stripe too- at a good price! :tup: You say you're complete! :devil: LOL.
  9. LOL! Well, I am...for NOW! :graucho:
  10. Haha yeah FALL here we come! :wlae:
  11. Is that a Coach thank you card in that bag??:tup:
  12. Why...YES, it is!! I actually got TWO of them last week - one from the sweet (guy) SA who sold me my Turquoise Ergo Tote and another from another SA, who just wanted to say THANK YOU for shopping - even though she didn't technically help me with this purchase - actually, she wasn't there when I went otherwise I totally would've bought it from her. She also sent me my receipt that they didn't give me before I left the store. Now THAT is some customer service!! :yes:
  13. NICE! Very good find...congrats!
  14. Very nice - looks great with your Ergo.
  15. Very nice!! Great deal too...congrats!!