Thank You LV_addict!!!!!

  1. Many of you have read that there was a recent price DECREASE in Canada which was originally posted by LV_addict when she went in to exchange her Multicolore Frange Speedy for the Bucket. Well I bought bought some stuff right BEFORE the decrease and was SOOOO bummed out that LV snitched me lol, but LV_addict told me to go ask for a price adjustment on my bag (something that I would NEVER go back and do... cuz frankly, I think it's embarrassing). Anyway, I'd just like to thank her for giving me courage lol.

    PS: I asked the SA and she said that the price decrease is 5% and was on EVERYTHING in our Montreal store including bags, small leather accessories, scarves, and shoes. So basically the conversion rate from US to CAD is 1.075 now (before it was 1.185!!!). Some new Canadian prices:

    Batignolles: 875$
    MC Trouville: 1430$
    MC Speedy: 1940$

    PPS: The SA also told me that all price adjustments apply to those who bought stuff AFTER July 1st. So everyone, go back and demand a refund!!!! lol
  2. There is nothing wrong with asking a price adjustment. If you could save $30-50, go ahead and do it. With that money, you could go get a new top, shoes, or......
  3. Yay, now you've got more money for even more LV ! ;)
  4. That is so cool!!
  5. Ya...I bought makeup right after lol!
  6. When I heard there was a decrease in Canadian prices, I too was ecstatic!! I was looking into purchasing the Damier Speedy 30 a few weeks ago and it was priced at $585.00, I just bought it for myself a couple days ago at $570.00!!!

    THANK YOU LV_Addict!:wlae:
  7. I am SO HAPPY to hear that you got your difference back!!!:yahoo: Think of all the little extras you can purchase with the money you saved!!!:flowers:

    psycho_pat, glad to hear you finally got your speedy AND paid $15.00 less!!!:wlae:
  8. That is great!! I bought a black MC Eliza on July 14...If I go back to get my refund, do I need to bring the bag or just the receipt? And do I have to do it by a certain date?
  9. I think just the bill will do. You don't have to bring the bag (unless, of course, you happened to carry your Eliza that day!;)). Call ahead, just to be 100% sure.:yes:
  10. Thanks Irene!
  11. My papillon 26 cost me $635 and it was $660 before the decrease. Thanks for giving us the heads up, LV Addict!
  12. Ladies, I am always happy to share the news!:flowers:
  13. Hi fashion_junky! I just brought my receipt (carried another LV bag) and all was fine... As for the date, well I'm not really sure. I think it wouldn't matter because on your receipt it will say which date you bought it on, so as long as it's after July 1st, it'll be fine. Then's still best to go back asap.
  14. Thanks for the info! I'll probably go in sometime this week. Maybe I'll put the extra $ towards a Saleya PM :wlae: