Thank You letters/cards

  1. I want to buy Thank You cards that I can send to people for various reasons. Where is the best place to order them personalized?

    Also, who are the various people that one is supposed to send Thank You cards to? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, since Im answering this question...I deserve a thank you card. lol Kidding.

    Anyway, I send thank you cards to anyone who has given me gifts or has done something overly nice for me. By overly nice I mean they have gone out of their way to do something for me. If I were to give thank you cards to everyone who has done something nice for me...I would have to send out 2 a day lol. Sometimes a thank you card is in order...sometimes a simple "Thank you" is ok. Its up to YOU and how you feel about the act.

    As far as personalized cards...I usually make my own, so I have no clue where to get those. Good luck!
  3. I want to send out two a day! I'm interviewing for a couple jobs and I'm wondering if I should send a thank you card to my former boss after I quit and to the interviewers for giving me their time. I guess what I'm really asking about is thank you cards in the context of business/formal relationships and less so about friendships.
  4. Go to Macy's and get Crane's foldover notes. In cream, not white, and if you have celebrated your Golden Jubilee, you can have the ones with a thin gold border.

    These are the best because they can be used for absolutely any purpose, and sent to anybody for any occasion, they are all the writing paper you will ever need, and the only kind anyone should have.

    Oh and of course check around on the internets to see if you can find them cheaper than Macy's. Probably not since the recent shipping rate increase, but I would give it a shot, because they are not cheap.
  5. I think it depends on what kind of field you are talking about. For a conservative field like law, we were advised to send a typewritten thank you letters, not cards. If not too conservative, you could do thank you cards, but make sure that there's no frills (off white/ ecru/ gray with embossed "Thank you" on the front for example). To get them personalized, have you checked your local card/ paper boutiques? Most offer that service.

    You should send thank you cards to everyone you interviewed with.

    As to your former boss, I am assuming that you'd be turning in a resignation letter...? You could express your appreciation for his support in that letter. I don't think a thank you letter is all that necessary.
  6. Target has a great selection of stationary. For personalized, I've kept this link for a while, although I've never used them, but I like their designs.
  7. OOOOOk. I understand now. I thought you meant Thank You's in general. I would go ahead and send out a Thank You card to whoever you feel should have one. A Thank You card never killed anyone, right?
  8. Good recommendation, shopalot! chicbabacool, it might be a good idea to take a look at what Etsy sellers have to offer, I don't know what your personal preference is.

    For instance, if you like sushi, there is crescentmoonpaper's sushi rolls personalized stationery set:

  9. Papyrus has really nice cards